New Pool pass in Pool!
Oct 1st, 2023

From today you once again have the opportunity to play your way through a brand new Pool pass in Pool. This time you can get the two new queues "Leopard" and "Neon", which are respectively available in the Free and Super Pool passes. Additionally, we've also added a new prize to the super-pool pass: legendary chalk. You can use this very rare chalk to upgrade legendary queues, and even if you don't own one yet, it's well worth getting the chalk. Who knows - maybe you will suddenly have the opportunity to add one to your collection? Have fun with the new Pool pass in Pool!

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New Christmas location and pool-pass in Pool image
New Christmas location and pool-pass in Pool
Dec 1st, 2023
Christmas is just around the corner and that's why we're opening the doors to a new limited-time Christmas location in Pool! By collecting victories on our Christmas table, you...
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Christmas in Farm Empire image
Christmas in Farm Empire
Nov 30th, 2023
The Christmas spirit has entered Farm Empire, where the Christmas country is now open. There are Christmas cookies, reindeer and jingle bells - and you can earn money of it all....
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New game: Bingo 90 is back! image
New game: Bingo 90 is back!
Nov 27th, 2023
Finally, you can now once again play the classic Bingo with 90 numbers! The game is called Bingo 90, and we've turned the waiting time all the way down and the bingo fun all the...
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New Episode and challenges in Finding Fate
Nov 21st, 2023
Finally the time has come once more: a brand new episode of Finding Fate is now available! Follow along as Fate continues to investigate her past. Where will her journey take her?...

Finding Fate
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