• Wonder Match
    This Game is so addictive, i find myself playing it more and more each day
  • Wonder Match
    At first, I didn't think much about this game, but now I find it very addictive. And it's a lot of fun.Especially blowing things up.
  • Good!
    A really nice level offering quite a few challenging levels! Would have given 5 stars for sure if it wasn't for the fact that you get stuck for ages on one level and have to beg for somebody's help, getting silence in return. But other than that a really great game, probably one of the best match-3 on this site!
  • love this game!
    Love this game. After the challenge of beating all the levels are done, you have the challenge of getting 3 stars in all levels.
  • great game
    this game is really challenging and i recommend it to everyone,i give it 4 stars because i'm stuck to the same level as it's hard to achieve the next level but i have fun!
  • Love it
    Love this game, but it takes ages for new levels to be published and I hate waiting! :/
  • Fantastic game
    What a fantastic game love it, Recommed it to anyone who loves a challenging game i would rate it 10/10 if i could keep up the great work PlayAndWin team. I give you all a thumbs up.
  • great game
    love this loads of levels to play. great for anyone to play really if you have not played this yet give it ago.
  • Hard but fun
    hard to do, but fun to play hours and hours of fun at the ready!, If your looking for a game to play that will pass away your day this is certainly the one.