Candy Boost

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Candy Boost is a paradise for everyone who has a sweet tooth - in the game you get one minute to collect all the candy you can! You can either play to complete all the levels, or you can do well in the challenges where there are prizes every 3 and 24 hours.


Sweet Sensation
Yellow Leaf
Turn The Heat UP
Hot Mess
Snow Ball
Wrapping Gifts
11th Month
Autumn Breeze
Goodbye August
Holiday Mood
G.I. June
The Sun is Up
End of the Tunnel
Half Way There
Still Snowing?
A New Beginning
Sticky Affair
For the holidays
Autumn Crush
Sweet Rush
Candy Reality
Bonbon Land
Sugar Heaven
Sweet Tooth
Gobble Down
Expert in Sweetness
Hard Sugar
Sticky Business
Candy Monster
Sugar Rush
Challenging Task
Rotating Candy
Candy Floss
Sweet and Sour
Candy Spin
Sugar Queen
Hot Candy
Too Much Sugar
Normal Sugar Level
Expert Candy
Candy Match
Token Boost
Candy Candy
Ca Ching
Cheap Candies
Candy Strike
Sweet Deal
Sugar Time
Sugar Sugar
Sugar Boost
Candy Man
Lollipop Lollipop
Lots of Sweets
Candy Thief
Sugar Rush
Candy King


Candy Queen
Candy Queen
Candy King
Candy King

How to play Candy Boost

Collect candy on time

In Candy Boost you must find groups of three or more symbols of the same type. You have one minute to score as many points as possible. Along the way you earn bonus seconds, so a round can easily take much longer . You compete all the time against other players, and you can follow your rank in the high score list at the left in the game. There are token prizes for the best players every 3 and 24 hours if you play challenges, while in the normal game you can try to complete more levels than your friends.

Game modes

The game includes two game modes: Standard and Challenge. Common to the two game modes, is that you have one minute to score your points. You earn regularly 10 bonus seconds - a measurer on the left side of the screen shows how many points you need to achieve in order to get the next 10 seconds. Standard If you play standard games, then you should reach as high a level as possible. If you lose, you start from the same level again that you last played. In each round you must achieve a certain number of points to complete - exactly how many, you can see on the bar at the top left of the game. The difficulty increases continuously by the number of points you need to achieve, and also by the variation of the number of types of candies. Challenge You can play challenge on three levels of difficulty. The only difference is the number of various candies. The goal is always to score as many points as possible before time runs out. In the challenges there are prizes for the top 50 players every 3 and 24 hours, and you can still take part in the high score competition in Normal, Hard and Expert at the same time.


You get points for how many candies you collect. For instance if you collect 12 candies in one click, you get 12 points. The number of points you get will be multiplied with your multiplier. Your multiplier starts at x1, but when you collecting candies incorporating a multiplier symbol, then your multiplies increases. By collecting a small group of 4 candies along with a multiplier symbol, then your multiplier will increase by 4, for example to x5. This means that if you collect 12 candies, they will instead provide 60 points (5 x 12).


The game features a variety of special symbols or power-ups that appear as small signs in front of the candies. When you remove a candy with one of these signs something special will happen. Remove all - this sign indicates that all other candies of the same type will disappear when removed. Pause - when you remove this sign, time will stop for half a second for each candy you removed along with the sign. Plus remover - if you remove this sign, all the candies in the same row and column will be removed as well. Multiplier - the most important sign in the game - when you remove it, your multiplier will increase instead of your points. The multiplier increases by how many candies you remove together with the sign.

Tokens and Bonus spin

After each round you are awarded with tokens based on your score. Along the way, you also have the chance to win a bonus spin, by gathering the candies that the dog in the bottom left corner is thinking about.

Gameplay video


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  • ZsuzsannaMand77


  • addicted

    love this game so much a game of speed n control :) its like sitting on the edge trying to get higher n higher scores

  • Great fun game

    Great fun game, great to enjoy a coffee with,,, thanks for great game, looking forward to earning more badges,, and when you get a bonus spin,, I'm wondering what happens when it stops on bank? Does anyone know? Does the mean you win money?

  • Best game ever

    Best game ever easy to play, perfect for me because i have learning problems. So this game is perfect for me to play and enjoyable

  • WOW!!

    I love this game because all you need to do is CLICK on the 3 or more pieces of candy! So easy to play! (good for any age!)