Candy Boost

Candy Boost is a paradise for everyone who has a sweet tooth - in the game you get one minute to collect all the candy you can! You can either play to complete all the levels, or you can do well in the challenges where there are prizes every 3 and 24 hours.




  • ZsuzsannaMand77
  • addicted
    love this game so much a game of speed n control :) its like sitting on the edge trying to get higher n higher scores
  • Great fun game
    Great fun game, great to enjoy a coffee with,,, thanks for great game, looking forward to earning more badges,, and when you get a bonus spin,, I'm wondering what happens when it stops on bank? Does anyone know? Does the mean you win money?
  • Best game ever
    Best game ever easy to play, perfect for me because i have learning problems. So this game is perfect for me to play and enjoyable
  • WOW!!
    I love this game because all you need to do is CLICK on the 3 or more pieces of candy! So easy to play! (good for any age!)