Neighbor Wars

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Do you dream of making life miserable for your neighbor? Start here! In Neighbor Wars, you and your opponent take turns attacking each other's house until only one house remains. You can have multiple battles going on at the same time and fight against both friends and others from the chat.


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How to play Neighbor Wars

Your neighbor against you - get ready for Neighbor Wars

Neighbor Wars is a two-player game of true neighbor wars where the goal is to destroy your opponent's house. Each player takes turns taking their turn, collecting symbols that they can use to trigger different attacks. Once you have taken your turn, you can wait for your opponent, or you can take a turn in another match against a different opponent. You can easily have many games going at the same time. Fortunately, you have no other neighbors, so it's up to you to decide in your conflict with your neighbor.

Find an opponent

The first thing you need to do is find an opponent. Press "New game" to see these options:

Random- here you get a random other opponent with a rating as close to your own as possible.
Friend- here you can choose from your Komogvind friends. They will receive a notification about your challenge.
Chatter- here you can choose from the players currently in the Neighbor Wars chat room.

Once you have found an opponent, the match begins. If you have chosen a random opponent, you may not start, but against friends and chatters you always take the first turn.

Your turn

During your turn you always have five moves to do one of the following:
Collect symbols- by drawing a continuous chain of identical symbols, you can collect them.

Trigger attack- once you have collected enough symbols, you can trigger an attack on your opponent's house by pressing the button for the attack you want to use.

However, before you can trigger an attack, you must unlock it. The process is the same - you need to collect symbols and then choose which attack you want to access. Adding a new attack does not count as a move, but you can access a maximum of three different attacks per match.


To win the match, you must destroy your opponent's house. Each house starts with 100 health points - if your house hits zero points, you lose. If you get your opponent's house down to zero points, you win the match.

It usually takes around 9-11 rounds per player to play a match.


An attack in Neighbor Wars can have different effects, right now you have access to these attacks:

Loud music- can only be used by one player - does 10 points of damage to your opponents house. Uses 2 x 5 tokens.
Lawnmower- does 6-8 points of damage to your opponent's house. Uses 2 x 5 symbols.
Rockets- does 10-14 points of damage to your opponent's house. Uses 2 x 8 symbols.
Helicopter- does 18-24 points of damage to your opponent's house. Uses 2 x 13 symbols.
Mail truck ($)- does 8-12 points of damage to your opponent's house. Uses 2 x 6 symbols.
Thunderstorm ($)- does 10-16 points of damage to your opponent's house, and 0-6 to your own! Uses 2 x 7 symbols.

Each attack can only be used once per turn.

Daily Challenges

Some attacks cost cash to activate. Cash is earned by completing daily challenges, such as "Win 3 matches" or "Collect 10 symbols in one move". You find your daily challenge by clicking on the pile of cash on the game's home screen. You can save a maximum of three daily challenges, so make sure you complete them as soon as possible.


You get tokens for completing matches. Winning a match earns you 20,000 tokens, while losing earns you 5,000 tokens. If you win because your opponent gives up the match, you get 2,000 tokens per round - with a maximum of 20,000.


You start the game with 2000 rating points. If your opponent has a rating close to or higher than yours, a win will give you more rating points than if your opponent has a lower rating than you.

Use the random opponent feature to find a worthy opponent.

To prevent people with high ratings from staying in the top spots forever by stopping playing, your rating automatically drops by 1% when you have not played for 14 days.

Gameplay video


What do you think?
  • Brilliant Game! Sheepshank.

    Brilliant makes you think what to do next, very tactical game love it. Good Players Too !

  • awesome

    good game lots of online players so no hanging round for the next level...enjoy peeps!
    im alwaya uo for a challange if anybody wants to play xxx


    Brilliant game i can confess im addicted the games can go either way u just got to out smart u opent

  • first time

    yes my first time,not quite sure how to play,but i guess ill catch on soon lol just takes time to learn new games.

  • A fun and welcomed new addition

    Great game, fun to play, manic and humour rolled into one. Can easily play this game for hours. Good Job!

  • its the best

    i just want say that i really like it and its the best game now i always playing it daily and i always go on beats with my friends and got lot of friends here

  • fun fun fun

    Great game to play with anyone from friends to random players brilliant for young and older persons you will enjoy this game it is awesome

  • Fun to play with friends

    This is a fun little game combining strategy with a pick-3 game. Each game is against one other person and you take turns, you can have a number of games going and your friend needn't even be online at the same time as you.
    I'm really enjoying with a friend from a distant time zone.

  • fun, fun and more fun

    super addictive, highly fun, you can chat, make friends and play with them its awesome. 10/10 best game yet.

  • Sandie54

    Love this game it is so much fun and it keeps on getting better every time I play.
    No two games are the same and it is simple the best game on here