Neighbor Wars

Are you dreaming about making life miserable for your neighbor? Start here! In Neighbor Wars you and your opponent take turns attacking each other's house, until only one house remains. You can have multiple fights at the same time, and play against both friends and strangers from the chat.


  • babygirl10
    love this site
    so love this site its amazing think tho if you have wait for so long you could go and play a game why waiting but cant as you cant get back in to the tournament
  • vickie123
    good game lots of online players so no hanging round for the next level...enjoy peeps!
    im alwaya uo for a challange if anybody wants to play xxx
  • snowy12
    Brilliant game i can confess im addicted the games can go either way u just got to out smart u opent
  • hipeve51
    first time
    yes my first time,not quite sure how to play,but i guess ill catch on soon lol just takes time to learn new games.
  • Electricity
    A fun and welcomed new addition
    Great game, fun to play, manic and humour rolled into one. Can easily play this game for hours. Good Job!