• awesome
    good game lots of online players so no hanging round for the next level...enjoy peeps!
    im alwaya uo for a challange if anybody wants to play xxx
    Brilliant game i can confess im addicted the games can go either way u just got to out smart u opent
  • first time
    yes my first time,not quite sure how to play,but i guess ill catch on soon lol just takes time to learn new games.
  • A fun and welcomed new addition
    Great game, fun to play, manic and humour rolled into one. Can easily play this game for hours. Good Job!
  • its the best
    i just want say that i really like it and its the best game now i always playing it daily and i always go on beats with my friends and got lot of friends here
  • fun fun fun
    Great game to play with anyone from friends to random players brilliant for young and older persons you will enjoy this game it is awesome
  • Fun to play with friends
    This is a fun little game combining strategy with a pick-3 game. Each game is against one other person and you take turns, you can have a number of games going and your friend needn't even be online at the same time as you.
    I'm really enjoying with a friend from a distant time zone.
  • fun, fun and more fun
    super addictive, highly fun, you can chat, make friends and play with them its awesome. 10/10 best game yet.
  • Sandie54
    Love this game it is so much fun and it keeps on getting better every time I play.
    No two games are the same and it is simple the best game on here
  • Love it
    Top notch game get to play with lots of different people and gives us a good chat room too boot brilliant hope to see more attacks updated into the game soon