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hi all i wish u like my profile i wish to have good friends


MY NAME IS MOHAMMED I LIVE IN EGYPT THE MOST CUTE PLACE IN THE WORLD I HAVE BLACK HAIR WITH WHITE COLOUR I LIKE DIVING AND SWIMMING PLAY GAMES CHATTING AND HAVE NEW FRIENDS MY CAR IS SKODA I LIKE IT SO MUCH ITS CRAZY BUT NICE ONE WISH U ALL BE HAPPY WHEN U R LOKNG FOR LOVE U CANT FIND BUT WHEN U LOOK FOR JUST FRIENDS U LL FIND ALL LOVE SO DONT BE MAD LOOK FOR FRIENDS AND U LL FIND LOVE WHEN U LOOK FOR OPEN UR MIND TALK FREE BE THE BEST U LL FEEL LOVE FEEL SMART FEEL STRONG WHEN U R IN LOVE FEEL WEAK JUST WITH HER AND FOR HER ONLY i m non smoker smoke is not good its bad it kill all smokers please all not to smoke i like my store wish its the best and spicheal  if any one have idea to tell me what  new in obile accerese or want to make busnisse with me in mobile  just tell me  he ll  make me  happy coz i found new  friends in  my  work hope u  all help me   with all my love to all of you

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    Happy Birthday didothebest!!!  I hope you have an awesome Birthday!!!

    Birthday hugs,


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    happy birthday x hope you have agreat day x