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I was well owned by my first boxer R.I.P  The best position to sleep in (profile pic)

Lets play, win and SHARE!!

Yes I have multiple sclerosis (latin for many scars),

Please dont be sorry, Im sure YOU didnt give me it! PMSL

No you cant catch it, my genes set me on this path, I BELIEVE IT IS PASSED THROUGH YOUR GENES My 'mum' has it. (the 'mum' is a long story I have no time to think of.) My biological father had Transverse Myelitis which meant nothing below his waist worked. (sadly he passed on, his organs just gave up) 

I think of my M..S like a sneaky ninja, just hanging around until the right time to attack! (25 is a good time to attack!)
(hey, legs felt heavy, eyes started hurting, bladder weakened, you want to walk AND have balance AND  co-ordination? NO! NINJA ATTACK!)

It has been just over 10 years now (diagnosed) and 7 since I was given the opportunity to walk again with tysabri, we (us M.S out patients) call it our superjuice/poison! Sure it has worrying side effects (google PML) but what the heck, its worth it. We are all staying as we are, some better than others, Its helped me more I think, getting me out of my wheelchair the fatigue and walking,not far granted but walking all the same with the support of my loving husband. (I fall over fresh air, quick get your mobile out, that could win you £250 off you've been framed!)
We laugh at it, stupid 'disease'. As long as im getting my treatment its all good.
I'm well past my 50th treatment now.

Got given 7 month old pup. American Alapahar Blue Blood Bulldog. demanding is not the word!



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