Picture Logic Color

The world is full of colours! Picture Logic Color is a game filled with brain-teasing puzzles combined with exciting coloured images. There are hundreds of levels, and you can even create your own.



  • kmbabubble
    I love this game, so challenging and addictive. recommend adding friends to do the user levels, some of those are genius
  • lexicool
    it is a good game to play
  • Dontcare
    Fantastic Mind Game
    This game is a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it then its fun. This game makes you use your brain logically.
    Brilliant game once you get past the trickyness
  • mymanshunny
    Tricky tricky!
    I thought it would be like picture logic...WRONG with a capital w! I was very wrong indeed, using different colours..yes i am gathering tokens (after losing AGAIN!). I think the 'Logic' part should have given it away....but hey its a ruddy good game!
  • deezers1973
    i LOVE logic games, and this one is no exception. The only thing that I would like to suggest is LOTS MORE CHALLENGES. I finished them really q