• LOVE IT!
    one of the best games on here to play when you have nothing to do or you can do it for fun like me!
  • brilliant
    I love this game, so challenging and addictive. recommend adding friends to do the user levels, some of those are genius
  • Fantastic Mind Game
    This game is a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it then its fun. This game makes you use your brain logically.
    Brilliant game once you get past the trickyness
  • Tricky tricky!
    I thought it would be like picture logic...WRONG with a capital w! I was very wrong indeed, using different colours..yes i am gathering tokens (after losing AGAIN!). I think the 'Logic' part should have given it away....but hey its a ruddy good game!
    i LOVE logic games, and this one is no exception. The only thing that I would like to suggest is LOTS MORE CHALLENGES. I finished them really q
  • hours of fun
    i love this game so much it passes the time and keeps my brain active. some are tricky but that's more fun than it being to easy. just wish I had more friends that played so I could do their pictures.
  • Aamer Nazeer
    It is really a nice game for killing the time. It is satisfying when level is completed. Membership is not allowed in my part of world, wait for a month to get VIP levels
  • love this game
    this is one of the best games on here and is alway's the first game i go good luck every body you will need it for some of them hard one's
  • Amazing game!
    I love this game, I'm completely addicted! There's something for every skill set - there are three difficulty levels, and although I still find some of the early Expert levels rather easy the later ones are refreshingly difficult and some are nearly impossible! Amazing job on this game!
  • this game is great its not imp
    this game is great its not impossible and can be very challenging and some of the pictures are very interesting!