Puzzle Parade

A colorful parade of small brain-twisting games, with ongoing high-scoring contests with prizes in the form of diamonds and gold eggs. Are you going to be this hour's winner?



  • surprised me
    New game I just want to look what a game is it!! Then I'm addicted! First I played and see always wasting moves??? What is that??? Hahaha I see what is it. Really cool brain game but you can ignore the brain and just play and do your best. Really good game...
  • Brain teaser
    Interesting games where you have to think, easy to pick up and play, I'm addicted already!
  • interesting mind gsmes
    Takes a bit too long to reload between games but one certainly needs to use ones brain to play well. Just need the time to await the reload. Rewarding fun!
  • Brilliant game
    Can't stop playing this game, it can be frustrating but at the same time it's the type of game where you say to yourself 'just one more then i'll stop' and yet hours later you're still playing.