Puzzle Parade

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A colorful parade of small brain-twisting games, with ongoing high-scoring contests with prizes in the form of diamonds and gold eggs. Are you going to be this hour's winner?


  • Puzzle Parade Plus

    Required players before start: 3
    Puzzle Parade
  • Puzzle Parade Push

    Required players before start: 3
    Puzzle Parade
  • Puzzle Parade Plug

    Required players before start: 3
    Puzzle Parade
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    How to play Puzzle Parade

    Small brain twisting games & Puzzles

    Puzzle Parade is a collection of small brain-twisting games - all very different, but also clearly alike. Common to all of them is that they have a high-scoring competition that expires every hour. Here you win diamonds for Puzzle Parade and Tower Empire, gold eggs for Farm Empire, donuts for Crime Scene and tokens for Playandwin.


    In this game type you need to create contiguous groups of four or more identical pieces. When you click on a piece, its value increases by one, and you can get four neighboring pieces to have the same value. The number of points you score is equal to the numbers on the pieces. You lose when there are no more opportunities to form groups of four identical pieces - however, you are allowed to use any power ups first.


    In Push, you must push the tiles in the bottom row up to form three or more identical ones in a row. When you push a piece up, its entire column moves up. You score points by the number on the pieces. The skulls in the top row mark where you must not let a piece stop, or you will lose.


    Here we have a classic three in a row variation. You need to swap two pieces to form three in a row. Your goal is to move the black plugs down the bottom row to temporarily eliminate a colour. The angry plugs should also go down the bottom row, but they are just an obstacle and do not eliminate a colour. You lose when there are no more moves left.


    Pups involve combining balls of the same color. When two identical balls hit each other, one new ball of higher value and with a new color is formed. The higher the value of the ball, the more points you score. If you also make sure to combine at least one ball with each shot, your chain is increased which is multiplied by the points you score. BONUS balls are formed randomly and give 10 times as many points as regular balls, so be sure to get them in the long chains. The game ends when 10 balls lie still on the field.


    A good strategy might be to only play with slow shots, and make sure to only increase its chain by one each time. This video shows dascha making a good score, with this strategy. The video was recorded with Team Viewer, so the quality is not so good.

    Gameplay video


    What do you think?
    • surprised me

      New game I just want to look what a game is it!! Then I'm addicted! First I played and see always wasting moves??? What is that??? Hahaha I see what is it. Really cool brain game but you can ignore the brain and just play and do your best. Really good game...

    • frustrating

      entertaining but luck is far more important than skill and the scores required in Plug for the last two medals are practically impossible.

    • Brain teaser

      Interesting games where you have to think, easy to pick up and play, I'm addicted already!

    • interesting mind gsmes

      Takes a bit too long to reload between games but one certainly needs to use ones brain to play well. Just need the time to await the reload. Rewarding fun!

    • Brilliant game

      Can't stop playing this game, it can be frustrating but at the same time it's the type of game where you say to yourself 'just one more then i'll stop' and yet hours later you're still playing.