Crime Scene


In Crime Scene you have to find clues and solve crimes. Expand your police station with up to eight different officers, and use their various abilities to complete as many missions as you can. Collect donuts, upgrade your officers and fill the criminal album which is updated with new criminals every month.



  • Brain teaser
    It's like a cross between Battleships and Cludo good fun and makes you think, it would be nice if there was a way to save the game and continue when on a rounds run.
  • good game
    love the game, but would be nice to save level and to have more then 1 criminal board in the green district, and to get daily dounats ect
    hard to get to a lot off dounats unless purchaseing as officers and red distric are taking a lot of dounats to play and advance/upgrade
  • shame about restarting
    fun game. shame you have go back to level 1 when log out, ought to save progress
  • pot luck
    Really is pot luck where you click for clues, shame does not save level when on a run, socaan pickup again later (especially if you dont have all day to sit on it due to work / family etc). So does get tedious. Sorry, given up with it as fed up having start over