• Love it!
    I so love this game, I have all 4 medals completed yet I still play as there's always new books to open every week in different levels so gives us a challenge to do!
  • Agx8624
    God game
  • the best game ever
    the best game ever keeps my brain working
  • great mind challenge!
    i love how it challenges me for discipline of the mind :)
  • Hooked
    This game has me hooked - I lose track of time when i am plying it lol mmmm The review has to be of at least one hundred characters so these last few words should help. Oh apart from bronze stars i have no idea how to get them
  • can not stop playing this game
    can not stop playing this game first day i played it ,i was on it for 5 hours lol,so please have ago and see what you think of it,
  • best game on here
    i love this game would like more gems though it,s totally addictive i cant get enough of it thank you
  • excellent and challenging
    This is a game that is challenging from the start. It is better than all the other mahjong games. I like you get the choice of characters on the tiles also.
  • I love it
    For me it is a very calming game. And I think that it`s one of the best I ever played. :) I can`t stop working for those stars lol
  • Entertaining
    I love this game, so many different challenges, my only wish is that you had a button to go back or undo a move.