Play the classic Ludo for two, three or four players. Send your opponents home with one throw and get your pieces behind the finish line to win. You play for fun new pieces, rating points and to have endless fun with other players.


  • Not bad
    Would be more fun if the game was less predictable.
  • superb
    I love playing ludo and mostly this game is very fair and fun to play. but there's very less players around here
  • best game
    love this game. Should be more player join to play. About this game I have good memories from my childhood. Recommended everyone
  • Huggy5763
    Come Play Ludo Standard Or Ludo Battle Great Game I Love It The Games Are Great On This Site And I Have Also Met Many New Friends Thanks PAW
  • LUDO
    5 stars.
    This game is very challenging and strategic. Love competing against other players so you will never be bored.
  • Concentration required
    At first I wasn't impressed with this new version, but now I find it quite challenging and interesting. Would be nice to be able to collect more items for the game, the old duck pond was fun.