Siesta Solitaire

Times played: 11,248,784
Played today: 2,963
Last hour: 264

Amigos! Senoritas! Gringos! The classic solitaire has gone to Mexico where you can compete to get the most points! The higher the round you reach, the more points you get. The game has great token awards every 3 and 24 hour. Arriba! Arriba!

Latest news

New medals in Siesta Solitaire image
New medals in Siesta Solitaire
Apr 15th, 2024
We are super excited to introduce 4 new medals in Siesta Solitaire. We want to reward your dedication and skill in the game and look forward to seeing how these new medals will motivate you to even greater achievements in the...
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How to play Solitaire

Free 7 solitaire at Playandwin. The most popular seven solitaire in the UK

7 solitaire online at its best, and completely free - great cards, great prizes and a relaxed and cheerful Mexican atmosphere. The game has high score competitions where you can compete against all other players to score the most points. The winners will be found every 3 and 24 hours, and there will also be smaller prizes for the 49 closest competitors. Have fun playing seven solitaire, the most popular solitaire, which you can play for free here at Playandwin. 


Siesta Solitaire follows the well-known rules of old-fashioned 7 solitaire. Briefly explained, it involves collecting all cards in their suit from ace to king. The basic piles must be built up in suits from ace to king. In the building stacks, you must place the cards in descending sequence with changing colors. Both single cards and whole sequences of cards built in descending value and changing colors can be moved between the different piles. When a face-down card becomes free, it can be turned over so that the face-down comes up, after which the card can be played like all other cards in the game. There are slightly different versions of 7 solitaire such as spider solitaire and Napoleon solitaire, if you have tried to play these before you will easily be able to learn the old-fashioned 7 solitaire too. Our Solitaire is built on the old-fashioned ruleset. The overall goal when laying down the solitaire, and for it to go up, is to move all 52 cards from the pile and the seven columns, to four piles. To do so, draw cards from the deck to the seven columns, and then on to the end stacks. In the columns, the cards must be placed in descending order (6, 5, 4, etc.), and alternately red or black. Only kings can be placed on the bottom space in each column. When you move cards to the end stacks, it must be done in the correct order (ace, 2, 3, etc.) until all cards are in place, then the solitaire can go up and thus be won.


How to play

There are two ways to move a card, either by dragging it or by double-clicking it. You can use the right mouse button to move the card to the foundation piles. Right - click on the card: it will fly to a foundation pile (if possible). Right - click on the background: all cards will fly at a foundation pile. The same functionality can be triggered if you double - click the left mouse button.


Your score is calculated as follows: Moving a card from the deck to a tableau pile - 5 points Moving a card from the deck to a foundation pile - 15 points Moving a card from a tableau pile to foundation pile - 10 points Flip a card in a tableau pile- 5 points Moving a card from foundation pile to tableau pile - you are deducted the points you received moving the card to the foundation pile Sort through the draw stack - you are deducted the number of points equal to the number of cards in the deck Additionally, the points are multiplied with the round number. For instance if you are in round 2 you get twice as many points as in the first round - and round 10 you get 10 times as much!

Difficulty levels

The only difference between the three levels of difficulty are the number of cards used from the draw pile. You can sort through the draw stack all the times you want, but it will cost you 100 points each time. Normal - only one card is flipped from the draw pile Hard - two cards are flipped from the draw pile Expert - three cards are flipped from the draw pile

Tokens og Bonus spin

You win tokens as you win points, but you get more tokens the higher the difficulty level you play on . Bonus Spin is triggered when you have collected four chili fruits. You'll find them randomly in the bottom card in a tableau pile.

Can you do a 7 of solitaire now? We think you can! TIP: If you feel that your solitaire has gone completely wrong, you can try to move the mouse to the upper right corner, enter the menu and press restart to get a fresh start. Good luck with 7 solitaire free - here at Playandwin. Keywords: Solitaire games, Play solitaire, Card games

Gameplay video


What do you think?
  • Solitaire Siestait

    This game is amazing, and so addictive. Good to have 3 different level choices, and to be able to compete against other players for the number one leaderboard place.
    Honestly could play this game all day if I didn't have other things to do, and if I come onto my laptop for anything, I'll always end up playing this game.
    Definantly the perfect game for solitaire lovers, saying that it's perfect for people who love card games in general!!


    So Addictive love playing with persons all over th world ! Many
    variants of the game thank You Playand win.co.uk

  • Very 'challenging'

    I'm givingup this games as the highest I've ever reached is level 2 in all the years I've been here. Too difficult for me.

  • mission impossible

    Been trying to get the last medal for 8 years, only need 12,000 in normal - giving up - an item for the bucket list

  • Love this

    this game is amazing and i would definitely play it all day if i could but unfortunately i have school ;(

  • rook7

    great game graphics are excellent I can actually win at this game.
    I will take on all comers.young and old

  • great

    eeeeaasy game to play earn fast points. Its a regular solitaire and I recommend newbies to play this game. This is a multiplayer game. You battle up with different players. Highest point gets the 1st spot. Earn points only after everygame. so unless you finish the game, you're not getting any

  • My Favourite

    My favourite solitaire by far it gas 3 great levels to suit your mood. I play it just about everyday and never get bored with it.