Siesta Solitaire

Amigos! Senoritas! Gringos! The classic 7-solitaire has gone to Mexico where you can compete to get the most points! The higher the round you reach, the more points you get. The game has great token awards every 3 and 24 hour. Arriba! Arriba!



  • lovebirds95
    Solitaire Siestait
    This game is amazing, and so addictive. Good to have 3 different level choices, and to be able to compete against other players for the number one leaderboard place.
    Honestly could play this game all day if I didn't have other things to do, and if I come onto my laptop for anything, I'll always end up playing this game.
    Definantly the perfect game for solitaire lovers, saying that it's perfect for people who love card games in general!!
  • Buttercup72
    Great game but not very fair
    I love this game however on this site it does not give out the same deck of cards for each player like other sites. This would make it fair as we would all be playing the same deck and the winner would truly be the winner and not just got lucky with the set of cards. It's too much luck to win and I would like to see a fairer way to play for all.
  • katieloubey
    Love this
    this game is amazing and i would definitely play it all day if i could but unfortunately i have school ;(
  • snowy12
    love solitair although hard it is relaxing love it good game to play with or without friends a few more challenges in this game would be fab
  • Maisy
    back button
    Good game really enjoy it, just wish there was a back button for when you realise you've moved the wrong card!