• Solitaire Siestait
    This game is amazing, and so addictive. Good to have 3 different level choices, and to be able to compete against other players for the number one leaderboard place.
    Honestly could play this game all day if I didn't have other things to do, and if I come onto my laptop for anything, I'll always end up playing this game.
    Definantly the perfect game for solitaire lovers, saying that it's perfect for people who love card games in general!!
  • Very 'challenging'
    I'm givingup this games as the highest I've ever reached is level 2 in all the years I've been here. Too difficult for me.
  • mission impossible
    Been trying to get the last medal for 8 years, only need 12,000 in normal - giving up - an item for the bucket list
  • Love this
    this game is amazing and i would definitely play it all day if i could but unfortunately i have school ;(
  • rook7
    great game graphics are excellent I can actually win at this game.
    I will take on all comers.young and old
  • great
    eeeeaasy game to play earn fast points. Its a regular solitaire and I recommend newbies to play this game. This is a multiplayer game. You battle up with different players. Highest point gets the 1st spot. Earn points only after everygame. so unless you finish the game, you're not getting any
  • My Favourite
    My favourite solitaire by far it gas 3 great levels to suit your mood. I play it just about everyday and never get bored with it.