Egyptian Pyramids

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Pyramid solitaire game from adventurous Egypt. You have to combine one higher or lower card with the current card to make as high a streak as possible, to clear the entire pyramid. You can play on 3 different levels.

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New medals in Egyptian Pyramids image
New medals in Egyptian Pyramids
Aug 9th, 2022
Four new medals have been added to Egyptian Pyramids today. They do not require special skills, but simply that you have played many games. Perfect for those who just like to have fun with a good solitaire game. At the same...
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Basic Egyptian Pyramids
Basic Egyptian Pyramids
Expert Egyptian Pyramids
Expert Egyptian Pyramids
Greatest Pyramid Builder
Greatest Pyramid Builder
Dominant Anubis
Dominant Anubis
Egyptian Sapphire
Egyptian Sapphire
Egyptian Emerald
Egyptian Emerald
Egyptian Ruby
Egyptian Ruby
Egyptian Diamond
Egyptian Diamond

How to play Egyptian Pyramids

Pyramid solitaire - a solitaire that is about solving card pyramids

If you are looking for a completely free solitaire online, you have come to the right place. Pyramid solitaire is one of the classic solitaires. We have given it a twist to make it more visually fun and immersive. You can play Egyptian Pyramids for free. In our version of Pyramid solitaire, you have a pile of remaining cards at your disposal, which you play one card at a time.You have to combine your card from the stack with a free card in the pyramid, which either is one higher or one lower. For example, if you have a 7, it can be combined with an 8 or a 6. An ace goes both ways and can be combined with a 2 or a king. The streak is how many combinations you can make without taking a new card from the stack. Try to get a streak that is as high as possible.

Difficulty levels

When you start a game, you can choose between 3 difficulty levels: normal, hard and expert. Normal contains 3 pyramids, hard 2, and expert one pyramid top. The amount of free cards at the beginning of the game is also varying.

Bonus Spin

Each time you clear a pyramid you get mini pyramids, depending on your chosen difficulty level. Normal gives 1, hard 2, and expert gives 4. When you have collected 4 mini pyramids, you get a Bonus Spin.

Pyramid Spin

You are collecting gold coins all the time while you are playing. The coins go directly to the gold collector, which weighs all coins. When you have collected a lot of coins, you receive a Pyramid Spin which can give you large token prizes.


In addition to the tokens won on BonusSpin and PyramidSpin, you win tokens by completing rounds. The number you win follows this formula: Max Streak x Cards Back x Difficulty. Where difficulty can be 1, 2 or 3 depending on whether you play on Normal, Hard or Expert.

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  • cards

    brill game.i started it at 8.0 pm just came off it 12.0 mid nite,can not be live i been on it this long lol old game brought back.But i went to play it again says i got to pay,shame,

  • Old game brought back!!!

    I did love this game when I joined nearly 10 years ago but it disappeared. Thanks for bringing it back, however, could do with some new games that are not just revamps please