Brain Snack

Brain Snack is a crazy game about hungry zombies. You have to feed them with brains and score lot of points while doing it. See how many levels you can complete, collect all the stars and beat your friends' high scores.


  • magicmuffin
    Brain Snack.
    Very addictive only just started playing this 2 days ago and I'm addicted already. Loads of levels get very hard. But it's a great game.
  • kazz45
    Totally addictive good graphic
    Totally addictive good graphics. Even my three year old grandson loves it!!! Great way to pass the time.
  • Sabretooth
    Brain Snack
    Totally addictive and challenging. Recommend to everyone to have a go. loads of levels some easy some hard and great graphics. Good luck!
  • JeraleenM
  • KellyDavis
    Brain Snack
    Very fun and fantastic game!! Love how every level is challenging...So fun and addictive to play keep up the great work Playandwin.. I totally recommend this game to all