• Brain Snack
    Yes, its challenge Game, you need to be clever and lucky
    Funny time you will spent with your partner
  • Brain Snack
    Luck and skill are needed to play this excellent game

    Pinhead 1937
  • Brain Snack.
    Very addictive only just started playing this 2 days ago and I'm addicted already. Loads of levels get very hard. But it's a great game.
  • Totally addictive good graphic
    Totally addictive good graphics. Even my three year old grandson loves it!!! Great way to pass the time.
  • Brain Snack
    Totally addictive and challenging. Recommend to everyone to have a go. loads of levels some easy some hard and great graphics. Good luck!
  • Brain Snack
    Very fun and fantastic game!! Love how every level is challenging...So fun and addictive to play keep up the great work Playandwin.. I totally recommend this game to all
  • Brain Snack
    Great game very challenging indeed, love the half hour and hour challenges. love how the levels are so different too
  • Addictive!
    Great game - the challenges every half hour are especially good fun, allowing you to better your scores and win tokens too.
  • challenges
    this is a favourite game of mine ,extremely challenging for the human brain. I could play it all day. great fun.
  • A funny puzzling game
    This game is mind-boggling funny, I think I'm more addicted to this than the others now. Catching the brains is fun, but when things start moving in the levels it gets crazy!