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Don´t know what to say really but if you like my profile feel free to message me and also add me to your friends list if you wish. I´m into: Computers board and card games, sports mostly Formula 1 Tennis, Football (am a armchair supporter) Ice Hockey NHL and Elite League Ice Hockey Elite League Speedway i enjoy a good movie now and then Music i like classical, Rock and Metal I am into Model railways. I still suck a babies dummy (pacifier for our american friends) and need to hug my teddy bear to be able to sleep at night and sometimes in the daytime too it can help me focus my mind. I guess in a way im still a little kid

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    hi how are you?
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    hi... im Kally, by the way. thanks very much for telling me about +10. someone in the game told me to rub it before. and i was rubbing it hahahahha. how silly. nice to meet you ;) see you around... kal