New game

Farm Empire

Want to be the world's richest farmer? In Farm Empire you can build your farm from scratch. But be aware: one hen can rapidly multiply to 10 billion chickens.



  • Addictive
    I seem to Forget how long I've been playing it
  • Addictive
    Time flies by when I play this game xx
  • So good
    It's so good
    But there is a problem in it nowadays
  • upgrade?
    Hmmm, was decent game, but think this a downgrade. The money thing too confusing for a start, plus the drop down / upgrade po-up not very easy on the eye or brain!
  • need an addition to new format
    Can I suggest under the guide "Amount of zeroes Name" you put the abbreviation eg: Do / DP etc, rather confusing compared to old format
  • TOO Addictive
    I used to load up Facebook first now its Farm Empire! oh dear
  • so fun
    so fun
  • Super cool game
    Its very addicted to play this game and i really like it😍
  • love game
    getting use to it daily
  • ZsuzsannaMand77
    I really like this game