Farm Empire

Want to be the world's richest farmer? In Farm Empire you can build your farm from scratch. But be aware: one hen can rapidly multiply to 10 billion chickens.




  • sarahlou26
    Addictive as hell
    Takes a while to get things going but once you do you keep on going, can pass many hours without even noticing how long you have been playing. Only downside is it takes ages to open up another world! But definitely highly recommend this game if you need something to do.
  • steSTOBARTuk
    love game
    getting use to it daily
  • ZsuzsannaMand77
    I really like this game
  • bookmasfriday
    Best gamein the universe
    THIS GAME IS FREAKING AMAZING!!! It takes a little bit to get started and get workers but once you do it is definitely worth your time.
  • Melancholy
    So Much Fun
    This game is great and so addicting
    I would highly recommend it:)
    When you have to be away,it works for you!
    Guess restarts are the main key
    VERY enjoyable