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Farm Empire

Want to be the world's richest farmer? In Farm Empire you can build your farm from scratch. But be aware: one hen can rapidly multiply to 10 billion chickens.


Basic (Madagascar)
Expert (Madagascar)
Volafotay (Madagascar)
Volamena (Madagascar)
Basic (USA)
Expert (USA)
Farmer (USA)
Emperor (USA)
Basic (Antarctica)
Expert (Antarctica)
Adventurer (Antarctica)
Voyager (Antarctica)
Basic (Easter '21)
Expert (Easter '21)
Egg-painter (Easter '21)
Chicken-maniac (Easter '21)
Basic (Jurassica '21)
Expert (Jurassica '21)
Herbivore (Jurassica '21)
Carnivore (Jurassica '21)
Basic (Halloween '21)
Expert (Halloween '21)
Howling (Halloween '21)
Spooky (Halloween '21)
Basic (Australia)
Expert (Australia)
Boss (Australia)
Aussie (Australia)
Basic (Sweden)
Expert (Sweden)
Huntsman (Sweden)
Prime Minister (Sweden)
Basic (Denmark)
Expert (Denmark)
Royalty (Denmark)
Jutlander (Denmark)
Basic (China)
Expert (China)
Great Wall (China)
Golden Monkey (China)
Basic (Xmas '17)
Expert (Xmas '17)
Rudolph (Xmas '17)
Santa (Xmas '17)
Basic (Jurassica '18)
Expert (Jurassica '18)
Excavator (Jurassica '18)
Dinosaur (Jurassica '18)
Basic (Easter '18)
Expert (Easter '18)
Egg-citing (Easter '18)
Egg-streme (Easter '18)
Basic (Peru)
Expert (Peru)
Inca (Peru)
Sun God (Peru)
Basic (Halloween '18)
Expert (Halloween '18)
Ghostly (Halloween '18)
Possessed (Halloween '18)
Basic (Xmas '18)
Expert (Xmas '18)
XMas Spirit (Xmas '18)
Jingle Bells (Xmas '18)
Basic (Easter '19)
Expert (Easter '19)
Egg-citing (Easter '19)
Egg-streme (Easter '19)
Basic (Halloween '19)
Expert (Halloween '19)
Haunting (Halloween '19)
Dracula (Halloween '19)
Basic (Xmas '19)
Expert (Xmas '19)
Noel (Xmas '19)
Scrooge (Xmas '19)
Basic (Easter '20)
Expert (Easter '20)
Egg-ventures (Easter '20)
Egg-stravaganza (Easter '20)
Basic (Halloween '20)
Expert (Halloween '20)
Eerie (Halloween '20)
Gruesome (Halloween '20)
Basic (Xmas '20)
Expert (Xmas '20)
Holly (Xmas '20)
Merry (Xmas '20)


  • Addictive
    I seem to Forget how long I've been playing it
  • halloween
    Very clever how PAW done tis with the pumpkins, great fun..not sure I finish it though due to work :(
  • Can't Stop Playing It!
    Love this game. I just have to force myself to stop playing and take a break for a bit from it. Time passes without even noticing.
  • Excelent
    good and easy to play !
  • I really like this game
    I really like this game!
  • Addictive
    Time flies by when I play this game xx
  • TOO Addictive
    I used to load up Facebook first now its Farm Empire! oh dear
  • so fun
    so fun
  • Super cool game
    Its very addicted to play this game and i really like it😍
  • love game
    getting use to it daily