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Crossword puzzle is a classic challenge for word lovers. Explore your knowledge and vocabulary as you try to combine letters to find the right words. A new crossword is released every day, and if you are a VIP player you will have access to all the previously released crosswords as well.

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Medals in Crossword
May 2nd, 2024
Crossword has been available to everyone for a week, and you have welcomed it in the best of ways - thank you all for that! Now we are ready with the mandatory 4 medals, all of which simply require solving unique puzzles. The...
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How to play Crossword

Crossword is a classic crossword puzzle where you have to find the right words using clues. A new crossword is released every day, and if you are a VIP player you have access to the entire archive of previous days' crosswords.

The languages that are available are: English, German and Danish.

How to play

When you start a game, you will be presented with an empty grid. Your goal is to fill the entire grid with the correct words in each field. You need to find both horizontal and vertical words and there are clues for all of them.

You can tap on the clue you want to enter a word for or on the field you want to type the letters in. When you type the first letter, the next field will automatically be highlighted and you can continue typing the next letter. If you tap multiple times on the same field, the direction you type in will change between horizontal and vertical.

When the entire grid is correctly completed, the crossword will automatically end.

Help functions

If you need help, you can ask for a random letter every minute by tapping the light bulb button at the top.

If you need a break, you can tap the menu button and then close the game. When you open the game again, you can pick up where you left off, if you choose the same crossword that you were working on earlier.

Tokens and XP

When you complete a crossword for the first time, you win 5000 tokens and 5000 XP. If you play the same crossword again, you win 100 tokens and 100 XP.


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  • Good to have a word game again

    Rather Americanised spelling - but good for a daily brain strain.