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  • palpal

    Solutions my voodoo levels book 4

    Nr 1 . Mathematical Figure?

    Ghost down left. Go left till end make plant. Make bridges till figurewall
    Up in plant, next floating yarn make bridge to left. Go down left.
    Newton makes plant, make bridges to right for yarn. 2 steps up in plant
    Make 6 bridges to take yarn. Up in plant go right make plant. Up in
    Plant take yarn, make plant.
    Ghost up in plant on bridge make bridges to left . don’t forget to fall
    Down on time to take yarn. Out of bridges??? Fall down left, go up
    Left. Take yarn, make plant. Go left all the way down to take floating
    yarn. Now click left next blue knob. Make plant.up in plant fall right
    to take on floating yarn. While ghost is running to yarn…
    click on newton, give bro. Click home. He goes home.
    Ghost goes on top of figure. Drill above 3rd stair

    under him.

    Under that stair drill.fall down, go left drill 2x.
    Bacon with bro go down right. With bro to stair where ghost drilled.go down.
    give bro and jump on ghost head.
    Both to right, tp right, go home. Bacon takes a brake on blue knob
    to the figure looks with filled balloons.

    Nr 2. Santaclaus

    2x drill. To right in hole,2 steps left up. Drill 4x. make plant. Under
    home between floating yarns make plant. Take all. Up in right plant make
    bridge to left. Go left, make bridge to yarn. Take yarn and falls on
    plant. 2x drill. Make plant under last yarn. Above home drill.

    Nr 3. X-mas Bell

    Make plant. Take all right side.up in plant tp right. Make plant, get in
    Cove. Tp right. Above second plant drill 2x. make plant, take all left,
    All right and click on floating yarn right of plant. Go left all the way,
    Make plant, take all yarns left and right. Make plant between right
    Yarns. Up in plant tp left to yarn. Take all yarns. Up in plant tp up.
    Make plant. Up in plant tp up go home.

  • palpal

    Solutions my voodoo levels book 3

    Nr 1. Dans

    Bacon takes 2 yarns left next drill at triangles.
    Ghost takes plant left, take bridge right, 1 step left make
    Plant. Take heavypin, make bridge to plant. Take plant,
    2 yarns upper right corner, go to bacon take drill.
    Make plant.
    Newton takesd 6 yarns on stairs and 4 bridges. Goes up
    Stand above triangle near home. Drill and make heavy on
    Triangle. Ghost makes 4 bridges to home. All go home.

    Nr 2. Big Bear

    Bacon takes bridge and bro. Newton takes all. Ghost to
    Left, make plant, up in plant go left, make bridge, take
    Bridges. Drill. Takes all , at last plant 1 step right make plant.
    Up in plant make 3 bridges left to drill. To left make bridge
    To yarn. Go left down stand under bacon, make plant. 1
    Step left. Bacon drills, give bro, go down. Now you see
    The big bear constellation in the balloons. Ghost takes yarns
    Left on balloons. Click on floating balloon near bacon.
    Up in plant go left above bridges, drill. Go down, go right
    Till end on Floor. Make bridge and plant. Go up en right to
    Take yarn. Make bridge to home. Newton make bridge, go
    Home. Bacon go home.

    Nr 3. A Bridge Too Far

    Tp up , go down. Make bridge left under bridge. Tp up,
    With bro down left. Make bridges to left. Make plant on
    White island. Make bridge left under yarn. On top of plant
    With bro down left. Up in plant make bridge to plant. Take
    Plantpin. 2 steps down in plant, make 2 bridges to right.
    Go down for yarn. On bridge make bridges to island. Make
    Plant. Take left yarn. In left plant make 2 bridges to yarn.
    Go up in right plant and make bridges to home. Take a
    Shower after all this building.

    Nr 4. Towers High

    Left down with bro. Tp right. Left before home make plant
    And drill.
    1 step up make bridge to right. Down right. Take all yarns.
    Drill. go left. Make plant to plant, go home.

    Nr 5. Buried

    Ghost tp up, go down right. Drill 4 x. make plant. 5 steps left
    Go up and stand 1 step right of home below.
    Bacon drill to bottom. Take all left. Go to plant.
    Newton drill to bottom. Put newton left from ghost above
    Home. Click also on bacon, and click left from ghost.
    Ghost 1 step left. When they all are in place, drill till home.

    Nr 6. Fat Helper

    Bacon takes right drill. Ghost drill, make plant, take left yarn
    Up in plant go left down. Take plant, 3 steps left make plant.
    Take 2 plantpins and a yarn. Go to right drill. Drill 2x and
    Make plant. 6 steps to left. Make plant,take yarn in plant.
    Click on floating yarn rightside of plant.
    Bacon takes yarn between homes next plant. Ghost over
    Bacon’s head to take yarn. Ghost in plant take last yarns.
    Both go home.

    Nr 7. Amsterdam Houses

    Bacon down left. Newton takes tppins, tp down 2x. go on
    Pink knob. Make heavy. Bacon tp left, take tppin. Tp left
    On red knob. Ghost takes all, tp down to yarn. Tp down.
    Go left, tp left. Make plant, take bridgepin and tppin.
    Halfway plant take tppin,tp to yarn. Tp back. Up in plant tp
    up. Go up left, wait before bro.
    Bacon tp left, make bridge left, on bridge tp to tppin.
    Go down left, tp to yarn. Tp to bridgepin. Make plant.
    Go up left make plant. Up left make plant. Up left make
    Plant. 2 steps up in plant make 2 bridges to left. On left
    Bridge tp left to bro.
    Ghost down left, take 2 drillpins and 2 plantpins. Drill 1 x
    Make plant. Down left make plant.
    Bacon down left on blue knob. Ghost go up right to red
    knob. Bacon with bro down left. Take plant, stand on red.
    ghost go right, on last stair make bridge. Go right take
    drillpin and yarn. 1 step left up, drill. Take drillpin, 1 step
    back, drill, make plant. Take drillpin. Go down right, 1 step
    left, drill. Go down take 3 plantpins. Watch out, don’t go
    home. Go up. Make plant in hole. Go up all the way. Go
    left , stand above yarn. Drill 2x. go down left from stair.
    1 step left, drill 3x. take yarn. Go right make plant between
    Yarn and bro. Take bro. Take all. Stand right above yarn.
    Tp to yarn, drill. Go left, tp left, go home.
    Bacon with bro go down left. Make plant. Go home.
    Newton tp to last yarn. Tp back go home.

    Nr 8. Easy Pal!
    Drill, with bro down right. Take tppin from stair. On stair
    Bridge to right. Take plant, tp up. Take heavypin make plant
    Take left yarn. Go to triangle above home. Make heavy.