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I am 5.6 with different colour hair i have 9 peircings and 7 tattoo's i have my eyebrow peirced 3 times my tounge peirced my bellybutton peirced 2 times my nipple peirced and i have my conche peirced witch is just the inside of ur ear but it was the only peircing that hurt like hell lol and i have a big trible tattoo on th bottom of my back 2 tattoos on my left arm 2 tattoos on my right arm and a tattoo on my stomach and a other tattoo on my chest most people think i am a bit mad and some people will say i am a bit weired but hey sometimes u have to be different and i am very open about things but i will let you decide that for your self

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    Happy Birthday, I hope you have a fab day!