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welcome 2 my profile i am lizzie and i come from woodford halse in northamptonshire. i am part of a family of 5. my hobbies are playing football cricket boxing tennis swimming and badminton. i love making friends with people.If u want any more details of mine such as facebook yahoo or tagged u can instant message me or leave me a email and i will pass them on as soon as it has been requested. i was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome june 30th 2012

 I am currently training to be a first aider so if you have any inquiries or tips. They will be much appreciated im training with st john ambulance and will say where nearest st john section is if you would like to join. i recently became a mum so i wouldn't be on so often as i used to.

 i got a gallery full of pictures of me my family and friends your welcome 2 comment on them as much as u like or if u would like to write in my guestbook to say what think about my profile that would b much abliged ty for reading this notice.

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    Happy birthday enjoy your special day
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    happy birthday lizzie ////// alwyn