Help Jigsaw Puzzle 2

The game

In Jigsaw Puzzle 2 you can do one thing only - you can do puzzles. There are lots of different images and pieces to choose from, so the game never gets boring, and we will of course also add new images regularly. The images are divided into albums, each album has a specific theme. If you complete a picture you get 1-3 stars. You can choose to complete all the pictures, or just those that have subjects that interest you. Note that you only get stars once for completing a puzzle.


Once you have selected an image, you'll meet a set-up dialog. Here you can choose how many pieces you want, whether you want to allow rotating pieces, if you want help options, as well as which set of pieces you want to play with. Your choices affect the game's difficulty and the subsequent scoring.
  • Rotation - with rotation enabled, the pieces will be rotated randomly at game start. You need to right-click on a piece to rotate it.
  • Help - with help enabled, you will find a menu at the right where you can choose three different help functions.
  • Pieces - by switching the set of pieces, the pieces will get new forms.


Once you've completed a puzzle, you will be given points and stars. To get two stars you must have 5,000 points, and to get three stars you need 10,000 points. Your score depends on the game set-up. By default you are given 25,000 points. This score is multiplied if you enable rotation - the more pieces, the more it multiplies. However, if you enable help then your score will decrease. The more advanced the pieces are, the more points you get. After the base score has been calculated, points will be deducted depending on how much time you've spent on completing the puzzle. A larger amount of points for time spent will be deducted, if you play with a few pieces. The larger a puzzle you complete, the less the time you spend on completing the puzzle means.

Bonus Spin

To get the Bonus Spin, you must collect six gold pieces. You get one piece for completing a small puzzle, two for a medium puzzle and three for a large one.

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