New collection in Bingo Spinner
Sep 29th 2021

We have finally updated the Bingo Spinner server, and can now publish collections again! The first new collection is called Madagascar, and contains the beautiful animals and plants you may already know from Farm Empire.

In connection with the update of the server, your apple inventory has been reset. This means that everyone can now compete on equal terms again.

In the future, we hope to be able to continue publishing collections on a regular basis.

We are aware that a reset is to the frustration of many, but we were faced with either having to remove the game, or give it a chance to be able to bring us back the money it costs to keep the server turned on. We hope that an equalization of the benefits of having many apples, as well as the continued release of new collections will give more people the desire to play. We will continue to make changes to the game in the near future, and you can expect adjustments to both prizes and prices until we are satisfied with the balance.

Have fun with Bingo Spinner

Bingo Spinner