Bingo Spinner


The VIP golden apples that you should have gotten these days are not lost or forgotten. Over the next week, the missing VIP gold apples plus a little extra will be handed out in your game.

Bingo Spinner is a mix of a slot machine and bingo game. Use your power stones and try to get a full card, to get even more spins! Find rare collectibles in the different worlds - and beat your fellow players by getting the best score!



  • bingo spinner
    great game very very addictable come and try it its great fun have a spin and you will see come join in the fun at bingo spinner and have fun with everyone
  • Never anyone to play with
    liked this game but there is never anyone to play with so badges and medals are impossible as is opening new levels
  • Bingo spinner
    Great game never enough players so frustrating please make it for single players or have tournaments in it
  • need more payers
    GOod game when people do play it .. Sad u can't play of your own really
    Besides that it's a good game
  • Come on let us play!!!
    Come on,do something to enable us to be able to play this please ! Great game when you actually get to play, but never enough players around ! Lower the player requirements or something, Sort it out :(
  • Great game
    great game when u can play, never seems to be anyone available to play against :( ....................................
  • love the game
  • great game
    this a great game..very quick and easy to play..getting your score and pieces to grow you overall rating..whats not to love
  • Great Game
    This is a great game and loads of fun... when I can get to play it.
    Im new to the game and only level 2 so all but the Bear room is locked out still and no-one goes in the low level room anymore so most of the time it's just unplayable to new players.
  • Great game ......but
    Great game but they have brought that stupid button back,noticed now that not as many ppl come in now because of this,also admin use to play this a lot but not so much now with this ready button.