Bingo Spinner

Bingo Spinner is a mix of a slot machine and bingo game. Use your power stones and try to get a full card, to get even more spins! Find rare collectibles in the different worlds - and beat your fellow players by getting the best score!



  • Lost Love
    Why is it whenever I would like to play this game there is nobody else playing. Maybe if we could play with fewer people as it is always a very long wait to get a game. I would really love to play but it seems inevitable that the wait for other players is always going to be too long.
  • Use to love
    use to love this game we should be able to play single player now, as I hate waiting for players to join
  • Needs changing
    This would be a good game if you could play it especially if you're in the lower cabins, can sit & wait for hours for enough players, we need bots in lower cabins so we can catch up with other players in the higher cabins, think this game could be a massive hit if some changes were made.
  • Bingo Spinner
    Love this game but hardly anyone plays any more. Also need more collections to open, maybe another room as well
  • I can't play
    I want to play but l can't because of no players
  • Something needs to change
    Never anyone in here. Becoming a waste of time
  • We need something to change
    Wee need bots ot lower the seat level to 4 or something like that to get a game part from that good game it was better as a tournament
  • We need bots!!!
    Great game, but useless as there are no bots and never enough players to have a game. Been in the room for ages just waiting so I can get the Ho Ho Ho challenge. Honestly it just needs removed from the challenge list!
  • need to be able to play by yourself
    Every time I log in there are no other players, so no chance of playing. The 24hour leaderboard shows it all - 4 players with an actual score, all others 0. Please make this have a solo player against the computer option
  • no fun
    i want to play but nobody ever on