Bingo Spinner

Bingo Spinner is a mix of a slot machine and bingo game. Use your power stones and try to get a full card, to get even more spins! Find rare collectibles in the different worlds - and beat your fellow players by getting the best score!




  • vputney
    no fun
    i want to play but nobody ever on
  • tezzy25
    wheres all the players
    I really love this game but never enough players please sortn it so can play on ur own
  • geralddo
    I would like a version to play on ones own maybe against robot as there are so few players when I would like to play.
  • Bambus
    Nobody home !
    I like the game - but there is never anybody playing :-(
  • Livewire35
    Where has everyone gone?
    Every time I try to play there are no other players, what a shame as when I first joined this site there was never any spaces in the bingo rooms!
    It's impossible to gain any awards :(