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I am 28 years old i live in milton keynes with my husband ajt57 who i love dearly so not after anyone else, Me and Ajt57 have a Daughter together who is no longer with us , we miss you sweetheart and love you lots I enjoy watching american wrestling my fave wrestler is stone cold steve austin followed by john cena. My fav games on here are snakes and ladders 7 solitaie Ludo bingo spinner yatzy super 7 solitaire take 2 bob game egyptian pyramids free cell minijong honeybee tomb solitaire word game thank you for looking at my profile

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  • curtisbasham

    Hi Laura, This is Curtis and I hope you have a good da everyday 🥰

  • smilenback

    Happy Birthday Laura!! God bless ❤🎂🌼 x