Tournaments at work as follows: A tournament starts when the minimum amount of participants required to start the tournament is met. When joining a tournament you will be queued and the tournament will start after 5 minutes. You can sign up until the countdown expires, but it is important to be ready in the game before the countdown has completely expired if you want to be a part of the tournament from the start.

Tournament prize wins according to the number of participants

The more participants are signed up for a tournament, the higher the amount of tokens you will be able to win. However, there will always be a minimum pool.

Entry fee

You must put down a entry fee to ensure that users do not register "fake" profiles and increase their chances of winning, thereby raising the prize artificially.

Waiting times

You are able to participate in 1 tournament at a time. When enough participants have joined the tournament, a countdown of 5 minutes will start. After the tournament has finished, you will be able to join another tournament.

Tournament tree

When a tournament is running, you will be able to see a tournament tree that shows the progress of the tournament, whether you are in the tournament, or just wanting to spectate the progress of an ongoing tournament.