New country in Farm Empire - Jurassica
May 31st 2022

Summer is upon us and that means we are going on the annual visit to Jurassica! Here you can build your very own dinosaur park, and buy dinosaurs from all over the world to. It is without a doubt the most dangerous country in Farm Empire! As something new this year, there is a small mini-game in Jurassica. Take a seat in your tour car and take photos of the dinos you drive past - each photo gives you the equivalent of 10-20 minutes of earnings, so just snap away with your camera if you want to get through the country faster. You can take 50 photos before your camera runs out of film, and it costs 20 gold eggs to refill it. Jurassica is here for two months, ie June and July. Have fun with Jurassica! Who will take the highest amount of photos?