Change in the range of VIP games
Apr 8th 2022

Many users have wished that Egyptian Pyramids and Route 66 could be played by everyone, so in future these games will no longer be reserved for VIP players.

Instead, we are introducing a new concept where the range of VIP games changes every week. Every Monday we select three VIP games, which will be limited to VIP players throughout the week. However, non-VIPs can play them for 10 minutes every day, so we do not prevent new players from trying our entire range of games.

All VIP games will have a VIP sticker, as you know it, it will just change every Monday. Normally we will not announce the selection in advance, but we are making an exception this time and can reveal that next week's VIP games will be: Mahjong 3, Picture Logic 3D and Neighbor Wars.