• Entertaining
    Playing 'Bubble Zoo' is quite enjoyable.
  • bubble zoo
    hey all good in the hood. getting used to smashing the rounds. bounce over to balloon game,go to bed popping it hahah x
  • Addictive
    Love that type of games, simple rules and so cute characters. love it
  • janetyg77
    I just love It. I have to tear myself away because I would play It alnight. I stick to Bubble Zoo because Its so addictive I can't put It down
  • Good !
    This is good game ... And one of the best game on PAW . But i bored now.. thatswhy i have to give only 2 stars ... but you must try this ... hmm ... atleast one time ... Happy Gaming :)
  • Fantastic!
    recently started to play this game and oh my god its so addictive you literally lose track of time when you are playing the challenges. i highly recommend you give this game a try.
  • One of the Best
    Although I have finished all my medals, I still have a play every day.....I think it's called addiction lol.
  • satisfaction
    super game !!! very, very good !!! I can play hours with this game. I can play this game while a'm french girl. It is very nice and i want tu play for long time.
  • great
    i lose track of time as I get so engrossed in it. A brilliant game and cant stop playing it.I love to see the animals flying about and the noises they make.