Help Time Machine

The game

Time Machine is an entertaining slot game with nine reels and several mini games. You are in the inventor's workshop, which you can visit in three different eras by activating the time machine. The winnings are triggered by getting three identical symbols in a row. This can be done either horizontally, vertically and diagonally - eight lines in total. On the game's help screen you can see how much profit the different symbols gives you.

Time travel

You enable time travel by collecting fuel. When a fuel-symbol appears on a reel, the fuel in one of the tanks on the machine gets refilled. When the tank on the right is filled up, you travel into the future, and when the tank to the left is full, you travel back in time.

Game Flash

On Game Flash you can win tokens, mini games and Jackpot Flash. You get a Game Flash by getting three Game Flash symbols in a row.


The Brain symbols represent knowledge, and you pick them as soon as they appear on the reels. Later on, when you get to a mini game, the brains are exchanged for extra features in the mini game. The more brains you have when you get a mini game, the better chances you have to win a good prize.

DNA Game

Our inventor loves goldfish, so he uses DNA modification to create them. In the DNA game you have to fire the coloured balls, so that you form three in a row in the DNA strand. In your cannon, you have red, green and blue balls. The gold balls you can only collect by removing the other colours in the DNA strand. Finally, a winning reel determines which colour of fish you are creating and your winnings are multiplied by the number on the reel. The more gold balls you gather, the greater the chance of you getting a goldfish on the winning reel.

Power Game

The Power Game is the mini game that can be won in the past. The inventor must bring the electricity to the towns by connecting the houses correctly. You must uncover the squares, and then turn them, so that as many as possible of them are connected with the towns outside the game board. Start at the top left, where the power station sends power out. The game takes place over three separate rounds, so be sure not to use all your moves in the first round - you can not necessarily connect all the towns every time.

Robot Game

In the future, they love robots, so in the Robot Game our inventor has a whole factory to create them. You're in charge of the gripper arms of the assembly line. There are two different arms which you can activate by pressing the buttons on the right. The boxes on the assembly line lights up when they can be picked up by the arm, but unfortunately there is always a risk of mechanical problems - especially on the lower assembly line. A robot must consist of three different parts: legs, body and head. You can look at the boxes to see which part is in them, but not what colour the part has. There are parts in the colours blue, red and gold - if you assemble a blue robot then the winnings are low, however if you assemble a gold robot then the winnings are high. If you assemble a robot in several colours or without legs or head, you get a very low winning. The game takes place over several rounds, so you can assemble all the robots as long you have moves.