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Time travel is finally possible! Time Machine is an exciting slot set in three different eras. Each age has its own rules and its own fun mini-games.


Time after Time
Ready To Party
Happy Valentine's Day
Cold Season
Follow Up
Not Time To Waste
Pink October
Goodbye April
New Year's Resolution
For the holidays
Working Factory
Getting there
Machine Learning
Building Robots
Machine Stop
Wasting Time
Working on the Machine
Lost Time
Happy New Time
Power Machine
Genetic Quest
Machine over Man
Rolling Stones
In a Flash
Flashing Light
Spinning Machine
Back to the Future
In the Past
Modern Times
Busy Machine
Over and Done
Spinning Moment
Instant Gene
Future Machine
Time Flies
Time Goes By
Time Spins



How to play Time Machine

Did you know that by playing slots you can travel in time?

Time Machine is an entertaining slot with nine reels and several mini-games. You are in the inventor's workshop, which you can visit in three different eras by activating the time machine.

Wins are triggered by getting three identical symbols in a row. This can be done horizontally, vertically and diagonally - a total of eight lines. On the game's help screen, you can see how much the different symbols win.

Time travel

You activate time travel by collecting fuel. When a fuel symbol appears on a reel, fuel is added to one of the tanks on the machine. When the tank on the right is full, you travel forward in time, and when the tank on the left is full, you travel back in time.

Game Flash

On the game's Game Flash you can win tokens, mini-games and Jackpot Flash. You get a Game Flash by getting three Game Flash symbols in a row.


Brain symbols represent knowledge and you collect them as soon as they appear on the reels. When you later reach a mini-game, the brains are exchanged for extra moves in the mini-game. The more brains you have when you get a mini-game, the better your chances of a good win.

DNA Game

Our inventor loves goldfish, so he uses DNA modification to make them. In the DNA game you have to shoot the colored balls so that you form three in a row in the DNA string. In your cannon you have red, green and blue balls, but you can only collect the gold balls by removing the other colors in the DNA string. Finally, a prize wheel determines which color fish you make and your win is multiplied by the number on the wheel. The more gold balls you collect, the greater the chance of getting a goldfish on the prize wheel.

Power Game

Power Game is the mini game that can be won in the past. The inventor must bring electricity to the cities by connecting the houses correctly. You must uncover the squares and then rotate them so that as many as possible are connected to the cities outside the game board. Start at the top left, where the power plant sends out the electricity. The game takes place over three separate rounds, so make sure you don't use all your moves in the first round - you can't necessarily connect all the cities every time.

Robot Game

In the future, they love robots, so in the Robot Game our inventor has an entire factory to make them. You're in charge of controlling the assembly line's gripper claws. There are two different claws that you can activate by pressing the buttons on the right. The boxes on the assembly line light up when they can be picked up by the claw, but unfortunately there is always a chance of mechanical problems - especially on the lower assembly line. A robot should consist of three different parts: legs, body and head. You can tell from the boxes which part is in them, but not what color the part is. There are parts in blue, red and gold - if you collect a blue robot, the prize is low, but if you collect a gold robot, the prize is high. If you collect a robot in multiple colors or without legs or head, you get a very low win. The game takes place over several rounds, so you can collect all the robots you have moves for.

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  • Good

    Ok game very good, i very very love play. It help me make token. We stars play game and win. Let's go and win

  • Great Game A Must Try

    Great Game A Must Try Entertaining And Interesting At Least Have A Look If Nothing Else It Is Worth A Try I enjoyed It

  • Great slots game

    Great game once you get into it, and once the mini games, Power, Robot, DNA come on they make it more interesting.

  • Very nice!

    Very fun, an easy way to make tokens while you're multi-tasking and the mini games are entertaining.
    Just put 50 tokens in, put it on auto spin and check in from time to time for minigames.

  • Very Addictive!

    I love this game! Very easy to play. And I'm just getting started. Reminds me of the video slots I love to play in the casinos :)

  • Original Idea

    I like the game. It has a very unique perspective, that i haven't encountered at this types of games before.
    It's also easy to play, the graphics are also nice.
    A good game to have fun with :)

  • Time Machine

    This game is veri nice to play, you have all the time to get from this game everiting.
    If more peaple play this game then is nicer also fot to chat and make friends.

  • Excellent

    Good fun, easy to play, mini games, and with the different eras MrFishingmad gets confused :D Well recommended

  • Nice Graphics

    Different for a slot game, the mini games are great fun. Would like to see more interactivity within the game.