Time Machine

Time travel is finally possible! Time Machine is an exciting slot machine, that takes place in three different eras. Each era has its own rules and a fun minigame.


  • Nhungvu
    Ok game very good, i very very love play. It help me make token. We stars play game and win. Let's go and win
  • huggy5763
    Great Game A Must Try
    Great Game A Must Try Entertaining And Interesting At Least Have A Look If Nothing Else It Is Worth A Try I enjoyed It
  • ExSniper
    Great slots game
    Great game once you get into it, and once the mini games, Power, Robot, DNA come on they make it more interesting.
  • Avion1929
    Very nice!
    Very fun, an easy way to make tokens while you're multi-tasking and the mini games are entertaining.
    Just put 50 tokens in, put it on auto spin and check in from time to time for minigames.
  • imicorp62
    Very Addictive!
    I love this game! Very easy to play. And I'm just getting started. Reminds me of the video slots I love to play in the casinos :)