Help Farm Empire

The game

In Farm Empire you can fulfill your dream to run a cozy farm and becoming a billionaire. If you are hard-working and have a business acumen, we guarantee that you will be the world's richest farmer! Buy assets as chickens, tractors and pigs. Make money on them and buy more. It's that simple.

How to play

When the game starts you have one hen. You can get it to lay eggs by clicking on it. Once it has laid enough eggs, you will be able to buy more hens. If you continue like that, you will soon afford a duck or a tomato plant and even more assets later on. The game will save your progress every minute, and it also saves when you exit it. Every 5 minutes, the game saves how far you have come, and it also saves when you close it down with the "Save and Exit" button.


If you think that it is getting boring to click on your assets to get them to make money for you, you should you hire a manager to do the work for you. This is done by opening the menu for managers, where you can hire them. Another advantage of having the managers, is that they also work when the game is closed. You will make money even when you are sleeping or eating lunch, and at all other times when you exit the game - as long as you have hired managers to do the work for you.

Another help for the game can be found in the blue button at the top right, where you can choose how many assets you want to buy at a time. Instead of buying one goat, you can e.g. choose to buy 100 if you can afford it. Each time you click the blue button, your setting for how many you want to buy changes between "1", "10", "50", "100", "Max". "Max" allows you to buy everything you can afford. The green tick means “buy until the next milestone”.


If you get to own great quantities of your assets such as 20, 50 or 100, you are rewarded with your earnings of the asset multiplied. Therefore it's a good idea to always go for the milestones, if you want to earn your money as quickly as possible. Your overall goal in the game is to reach 100% of your milestones. When you do, you will have the opportunity to reset your farm and thus earn a star.


The upgrades can also increase your earnings. They are not free, so you have to always consider whether you want to spend your money on upgrades or more assets (hint: it almost always pays to upgrade first).

Restart and Workers

At some point in the game you get access to hire workers which gives you a huge advantage. For each worker you have, you increase your earnings by 1%, and with the right upgrades up to 30% per worker! Once you get your workers, the game will start again, but don't worry - with the workers' help you will soon reach the same level you were at before. It is always an advantage to start the game again when you think your opportunities to upgrade and/or purchase more goods are starting to slow down. The workers will then raise your business to a new and higher level. The game will display a red exclamation point next to the worker button when it is recommended to restart, but you decide whether you want to restart sooner or later than recommended.

Shop and golden eggs

In the game's shop you can buy golden eggs (for real money), and various boosts payable with golden eggs. Time travels move the time forward for the specified number of days or hours, so you get for instance 14 days' earnings in an instant. Permanent multipliers are upgrades that you can only buy once, however they will always be active - on the other hand, their effect disappears when you reset your farm. This means that if you have e.g. bought the one called x3 then you will earn three times what you would otherwise, until you reach 100% milestones and reset your farm. Golden eggs you can use elsewhere in the game to buy assets such as chickens or tomatoes and upgrades. You can also buy your earned workers without a restart, and you can unlock new countries to build your farm in.


If you want to save the golden eggs without spending money, you must keep an eye on the game's top left corner. Click on the gifts that appear at regular intervals, to receive either golden eggs, earnings or assets. You can collect up to 15 golden eggs each day by opening gifts, or up to 30 if you are a VIP member.

World map and Stars

The world map opens when you reach 25% milestones. On the world map, there will be ongoing access to new countries, where you can build new farms with completely different assets. To unlock a new country, you must pay golden eggs, and it takes up to five minutes to travel between the countries. When one of your countries hits 100% milestones, it allows you to reset the country. This means that you start from scratch, without workers and permanent multipliers. In return you will get a star, which is the game's highest honours. The more stars you have, the better you play Farm Empire. In the game's highscore list, you can see the best players in the “resets” list.

Egg farms

The stars can also be spent on buying various egg farms. Here you can produce your very own golden eggs, and thus build a fixed income far above the usual 15 or 30 golden eggs a day. When you buy an egg farm, it starts production immediately. When the time has expired, e.g. after 12 hours, you can pick up your eggs. Production does not start again until the eggs have been retrieved. If you are a VIP member, however, you can arrive up to 6 hours late without losing time on the next production.

Large numbers

You can reach astronomical amounts in Farm Empire. Numbers with hundreds of 0s. By default, the game uses what is called AA notation, where large numbers are called e.g. 1 AA, 43 AB, 27 AC, etc. instead of long numbers where there would be 1 Billiard, 43 Trillion, 27 Trillion. This is especially an advantage when we hit numbers with a lot of 0s where e.g. a number with 147 0s, now just called 1 BS instead of the completely unreadable 1 Quattuorvigintilliard. If you still prefer the long number names, you can change it in the menu.