Players' rating: 4.3 / 5

Mahjong 3

Mahjong 3 is a great and refined version of the popular Chinese solitaire. There are now even more levels, special tiles and stars you can collect.

You can also build your own levels and share them with your friends.

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Point overview

  • Pairs Removed 1 XP
  • Metal tile 10 XP
  • Normal Level Completed 25 XP
  • Hard Level Completed 100 XP
  • Expert Level Completed 200 XP
  • Gems 2000 XP

User reviews


by Ronnie55
This game has me hooked - I lose track of time when i am plying it lol mmmm The review has to be of at least one hundred characters so these last few words should help. Oh apart from bronze stars i have no idea how to get them


by fernanda77

can not stop playing this game

by hipeve51
can not stop playing this game first day i played it ,i was on it for 5 hours lol,so please have ago and see what you think of it,

best game on here

by snowy12
i love this game would like more gems though it,s totally addictive i cant get enough of it thank you

excellent and challenging

by Tiggerben
This is a game that is challenging from the start. It is better than all the other mahjong games. I like you get the choice of characters on the tiles also.

I love it

by Midnight
For me it is a very calming game. And I think that it`s one of the best I ever played. :) I can`t stop working for those stars lol


by Deejay165
I love this game, so many different challenges, my only wish is that you had a button to go back or undo a move.

more gems

by SheWOLF


by tweetypie6
I find the easiest quite hard really needs a undo button :) really addictive trying to collect the stars

mahjong 3

by gemdalou0
would completely love an undo button but apart from that the games fab and keeps my brain working lol x

mahjong 3

by annieann
excellent game i love it ..takes a bit off time to get the 3 stars , but works a treat and keeps me occupied


by xpattix
The levels never end! I spend hours trying to master it with perfect scores and stars. It's the best type of fun, puzzle with game choices galore!

simply brilliant

by sherry489
totally addictive... completely awesome...since i started playing this .. i have actually lost my passion for picture logic...

brilliant game

by musen1990
i can spend lots of hours in this game, and i like how this game is made. it can be very challenging

Challenging but Fun

by emalijay
Great game, just challenging enough with vibrant colours and layouts to be fun and entertaining. Highly recommended!