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Brain Snack

Brain Snack is a crazy game about hungry zombies. You have to feed them with brains and score lot of points while doing it. See how many levels you can complete, collect all the stars and beat your friends' high scores.

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Point overview

  • Shots fired 1 XP
  • 1 Star 25 XP
  • 2 Stars 75 XP
  • 3 Stars 150 XP

User reviews


Over 700 levels of crazy mind exercising fun.Knock down hearts kidneys and brains into the zombie style buckets to gain diamonds for power up in the survival gear shop,and play 30 minute frequent tournaments to win tokens and increase rank and rating for good simple friendly competitions with other users and friends.It gets harder as it goes on and every level is different.recommend to everyone,jue x

Brain Snack.

by magicmuffin
Very addictive only just started playing this 2 days ago and I'm addicted already. Loads of levels get very hard. But it's a great game.

Totally addictive good graphic

by kazz45
Totally addictive good graphics. Even my three year old grandson loves it!!! Great way to pass the time.

Brain Snack

by Sabretooth
Totally addictive and challenging. Recommend to everyone to have a go. loads of levels some easy some hard and great graphics. Good luck!

Nrain Snack

It is a challenging game and fun also, get's harder & harder, that is the exciting part...I Think everyone should @ least give it a try If I can anyone can. Enjoy Have Fun


by JeraleenM

Brain Snack

by KellyDavis
Very fun and fantastic game!! Love how every level is challenging...So fun and addictive to play keep up the great work Playandwin.. I totally recommend this game to all

Brain Snack

by lsallen1000
Great game very challenging indeed, love the half hour and hour challenges. love how the levels are so different too


by Meryl
Great game - the challenges every half hour are especially good fun, allowing you to better your scores and win tokens too.


by lesleygriffi
this is a favourite game of mine ,extremely challenging for the human brain. I could play it all day. great fun.

i love brain snack hjuy


A funny puzzling game

by Apple
This game is mind-boggling funny, I think I'm more addicted to this than the others now. Catching the brains is fun, but when things start moving in the levels it gets crazy!