Welcome to my private space.

Since you're here I might as well tell a little about me.

Last year I saw a cat lurking in my garden. It was about 22.15 in the evening.

It totally changed my life.

Ever since that epic moment i haven't gone to bed without counting the steps from the bathroom to my bed. Allways 37. I have tried to walk backwards, but still 37 steps (and one fall).

When I turn on the TV to climb through the channels I allways end at channel 37. Every time. Even if I zap slowly i still end up at 37. This number has really made a monstrous entry in my life. My wife complains almost every day, that I'm watching the porn Channel. She pinches my arm, but I can do nothing about it. Last night I looked in the mirror and there were 37 bruises on my arm. Stuck on number 37. 

Now I just sit back and hope the cat will return and change the number...............

Bullshiiiit. I don't even remember where I put my coffee 

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