CONGRATULATIONS if you are a VIP - your lifetime price at Playandwin is guaranteed
Jan 3rd 2022

As part of our development of, our prices are changing to a simpler price structure.

We would like to reward all of you VIP's who already have a membership with you get to keep the current price as long as you keep your current subscription. ⭐️

If you cancel your subscription and at a later date want to upgrade to VIP again - then the new prices will apply.

If you are not a VIP yet, you have one last chance to secure the current price
(9.5,- GBP per month) until January 17th, and save money every month.

From January 18th, the VIP prices for will be as follows:

Monthly VIP price: 11.50,- GBP
Monthly VIP Price for annual payment: 9.58 GBP (annual price 115,- GBP)