New tower and money gifts in Tower Empire!
Oct 29th 2021

This time we take you on a trip back to the USA with the goal of building a very special tower. It's time to build your very own rocket!

During the construction of the rocket, you will help to equip it with both fun and necessary floors completely in the theme of space travel, where the focal point is to take good care of the future astronauts in the form of both knowledge, food and exercise.

The rocket tower is permanent, so you can spend all the time you want to complete it.
However, it may be advisable to finish the rocket at some point if you would like to have access to some of the upcoming towers in 2022.

In addition to the new tower, we have also added small money gifts, which can be collected by clicking on the speech bubbles across the various floor managers - in the same style as when you have collected diamonds. The money gifts do not affect the payout rate of the diamonds.

The medals for the Rocket Tower will also be available today.

Have fun working on your rocket and have a great trip to Cape Canaveral!

Tower Empire