Halloween in Farm Empire
Sep 30th 2021

October is traditionally our Halloween month in Farm Empire, and this year is no different. This time, however, we have a little surprise for you! We have replaced the bottom two assets with a small pumpkin garden. Here you can grow colorful pumpkins, and sell them for profit. The nursery garden opens as soon as you hire your first manager, and will then produce pumpkins at the pace you can plant, water and harvest them.

Earnings per pumpkin:
Green pumpkin - 1 minute earnings
Yellow pumpkin - 5 minutes earnings
Orange pumpkin - 15 minutes earnings
Red pumpkin - 1 hour earnings

As you can see, they are equivalent to small free time travels. For instance if you harvest a red pumpkin, you get the equivalent of an hour of earnings.

We hope you will love the nicest Halloween country to date.

Farm Empire