Extra diamonds in Tower Empire tomorrow
Aug 23rd 2021

As many of you know, we run this website in several countries. For a while we have been running a live stream on our Danish website, where our streamer Mathias shows off the different games and hosts cooperative events with prizes. For this Tuesday he will be playing Tower Empire, and a cooperative event will be running on stream. Usually this will be for Danish viewers only, but because Atlantis is about to close and you could need the extra diamonds to complete the tower, we have decided to open up the stream and the prizes for everyone.

This is how is works: Starting at 17.30 a cooperative event will begin. The goal is to collectively buy 1.000.000 levels in the Atlantis tower. Everybody who helps achieve this goal, will be rewarded with 100 diamonds. When the goal is reached, it will start over and another 100 diamonds can be won. Usually the goal will be reached at least five times, before the stream closes at 20.00. The progress towards the goal can observed on the stream, and you are very welcome to drop by and say hello - Mathias will greet you in your language, but for the most part the stream will be in Danish. 

In short: Play the Atlantis tower continuously between 17.30 and 20.00 (UK time) on Tuesday and diamonds will be magically awarded to your account. If you want to know when and why, you can watch the live stream.

Stream link

Tower Empire