Offers and permanent price drops in Tower and Farm Empire!
Aug 19th 2021

In about a week and a half the access to Atlantis will unfortunately be closed due to the strong currents outside the summer season... However, we have chosen to help you along the way with some really good offers in both the diamond and boost shop! That way you can get the most out of the tower before it disappears for this year:

- 50% on all diamond packages

- 50% on all time travel

- 50% on both pocket money and stock dividends

- 50% on change of floor types

In addition, we have chosen to lower aircraft prices permanently, in both Tower and Farm Empire! From now on, all airplanes will cost as much as 66% less - so you can now get a U.F.O. for only 4000 diamonds and a Superpete for only 4000 eggs!

See you in Tower and Farm Empire!

Tower Empire