Districts in Crime Scene
Aug 17th 2021

We are now ready with some exciting news in Crime Scene, namely districts! The area of ​​the city where you have played so far has been dubbed the "Green District". In Green District, there is a criminal album that is renewed every month - this you already know, so this part of the game has not been changed.

The new addition is "Red District". Here you will find a criminal album which can be renewed every time it is completed for a price of 1000 donuts. By renewing the album in Red District, you achieve a star and thus a place on the new highscore list. The missions in Red District are also different, as the different levels have taken on new shapes and colors.

It costs 2500 donuts to break the padlock on Red District, but after that you will have access to play there for as long as you want, and achieve all the stars you can.

Good luck in the Red District!

Crime Scene