ROOOAAARRR! New land in Farm Empire - Jurassica.
May 31st 2021

ROOOAAARRR! There is a new land in Farm Empire, and this time we are going to hear the dinosaurs roar in our park Jurassica. You can buy brontosaurus, triceratops and if you are brave - also a tyranosaurus! And even though this is what dinosaurs lovers want to see, it's probably a good idea to buy ferns and fences so your guests dont' get eaten.

Some of you may remember Jurassica from 2018, when we last released it, but this time it's a little different. Instead of a long and difficult country, Jurassica is now a fast country as you know it from Easter, Halloween and Christmas. In the future, Jurassica will be our regular summer country, and a good opportunity to earn stars for buying egg farms.

You have two months to play Jurassica, after which it will be removed. Then the next permanent land will be launched. Who will be the first to reach 100% milestones? Keep an eye on the highscore. Get started!

Farm Empire