News in Tower Empire
May 10th 2021

Mr. Shiny has apparently been sunstroked, because he has decided to sell airplanes at sky-high prices. If you buy his most expensive airplane, you can shorten your travel time from 5 minutes to just 15 seconds! He also has a selection of cheaper models that e.g. can give you a travel time of only two and a half minutes. You will find Mr Shiny's airplanes in the hangar at the top right of the world map.

To help you a little towards getting the planes, we now give a double-up on the first purchase of each package of diamonds. This means that with one purchase you can acquire up to 9000 diamonds. The bonus counts from now on, so regardless of whether you have previously bought diamonds in the game, you will receive a bonus on your next purchase of each package.

We have also corrected a number of minor errors. Particularly worth mentioning is that you must have both 100% in the milestones as well as in the floor plan before you can reset your tower. Have fun exploring and finding all the managers as well as floor types!

And last but not least, we've added more highscore lists to Tower Empire. Now you can easily see who has reached the most milestones in the various towers.

Tower Empire