The new Farm Empire is here!
March 30th 2021

We are finally ready with the new version of Farm Empire!

After several years we now have again a game we can build on and improve continuously. The old game was headed for retirement, so we are incredibly happy that we were able to save it. We can now continue to play Farm Empire for many years to come.

Here is a list of the most important improvements and changes in the game:

- New gift system. Collect up to 15 (30 for VIP) golden eggs a day.
- Room for more countries - now we no longer remove old countries.
- Button that lets you buy up til the next milestone.
- New egg farms - use your stars to make your own golden eggs every day.
- Travel by airplane between different countries.

It's almost Easter, so the first country to open is Easter Island. You have the entire month of April to get through it. Within a few weeks, another beloved country will be added in the game.

Please keep in mind that the game is brand new and will be improved continuously. The following will already be added to the game next week:

Egg log: here you can see when your 15 daily golden eggs arrive.
Super gifts: the gifts are twice as good.
Game guide to match the content of the new game.