Farm Empire - questions and answers
March 15th 2021

We are almost ready with the new version of Farm Empire, and we are really looking forward to showing it to you! We have prepared a list with answers to the questions, we know you might have.

1. When will the game arrive?
We will try to launch the new game on Monday March 29, hopefully without experiencing any problems in connection with the removal of the old game! Before then, Sweden and Australia have expired, and in the last few days you will only have access to USA.

2. Who can play it?
Everyone can join (of course!). We are opening the game to VIP players first, and afterwards to non vip's as well, as soon we have verified that the game runs stably (hopefully this will only takes a few hours).

3. How many countries are there?
The first countries to be played are USA and Easter Island, and then all the old countries will be unlocked pretty quick. We expect to be able to unlock them at approximately 7-14 day intervals.

4. What bonus is there for VIP users?
In the new gifts in the game, you can collect up to 30 golden eggs a day as a VIP user. This corresponds to 900 eggs per month, 450 more than non-VIP users. In addition, the best of the new egg farms in the game are reserved for VIP users.

5. What about my old medals?
You will keep your old medals if you have already achieved them. Medals you have not achieved will be reset and you must therefore start over.

6. Where do I start in the new game?
You're still starting in USA, and we'll transfer your revenue and workers from the current game so you do not start all over again here. The world map is unlocked when you hit 25% milestones, or from the start if you have visited the map in the old game. Many of you will therefore be able to start Easter Island immediately.

7. What else do I get from the old game?
In addition to income and workers in USA, you will take your stars and your golden eggs with you. We have a backup of the old game data, and will keep this option to transfer from the old game for at least a few months.

If you have further questions, you are always welcome to write to us.