Farm Empire 2.0 soon to be released
March 2nd 2021

We have had great difficulty keeping Farm Empire up to date with new content, as the systems behind the game are gradually becoming very old. That is why we have chosen to make a completely new version of the game, which will replace the old one. It is going to be much easier to create new content for the new version, and therefore we will be able to publish new content more often such as new countries. It will be very similar to the game as you know it now, but there will also be some improvements:

* New and better gift system, where the gifts are in line and can be collected when it suits you.
* There will be room for all your empires, so now we do not remove countries to make room for others.
* New egg farms! Buy them for stars, and produce your own fresh golden eggs.

When the new version arrives, you will in many ways experience it as a new game that you will start from scratch. However, you will get to keep your golden eggs, your stars and your medals. You will also still have access to the countries you have previously purchased access to.