New profile features and news in Tower Empire
February 25th 2021

We have created some new profile features, which we hope you will enjoy.

You can e.g. set your guestbook entries to "private" after the entry has been written and you can now see "online friends" both in the chat menu and in the profile menu.

In Tower Empire, there are some new packages that will make the game even more fun for you. You can choose to receive 40 diamonds every day for 7 days and/or 50 diamonds every day for 30 days!

To help you moving forward in the game, you can now buy Mr Shine for just 5 diamonds and Mr Boost has gone from 25 to 20 diamonds.

In addition, VIP members can now collect up to 30 diamonds a day, while non-VIPs can collect 15 diamonds. Those limits apply whether the diamonds are collected by Mr Shiny while you are offline, or you yourself collect them on the floors of the tower or on the flight between the towers. Diamonds from the mines do not count, so there you can collect everything your mines can produce.