• VIP

  • Prize Shop

    • You can use your tokens to participate in the draws on the many prizes on Playandwin.co.uk. In the Prize Shop you can see a list of the prizes that will be drawn during the next 60 days. You can see when the draw takes place, and how many tokens you must provide for each ticket. Both VIP and non-VIP members have an equal chance of winning. The more tickets the better your chances of winning.
    • You have the option to cancel your purchase of tickets before the draw and get your tokens back. This is done in the Prize Shop by clicking on the red minus next to the prize.
    • If you are the lucky winner of one of our prizes, you will get a message on your profile and an e-mail. In the e-mail, tap on the link and then enter your PAYPAL e-mail address. It is very important that you enter the information correctly, otherwise we can not guarantee that the prize will appear to you. Cash prizes can only be sent to PAYPAL accounts.
    • If you have won one of our prizes, and have not yet received it, please contact our customer service. We will take a closer look at the matter and contact you as soon as possible. Please note that it may take up to a month before you receive the prize.
  • Technical problems

      • We recommend that you use the latest versions of either Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. If you experience problems with a browser, please try another browser to see if this solves your problem.
      • If you experience problems on Playandwin.co.uk, it may be because you have installed various Toolbars or other supplementary programs on your computer. Therefore, it may help if you remove them from your computer by going to the Control Panel -> Programs.
      • We recommend that you frequently delete cookies and temporary Internet files in your browser.
      • Be sure to enable cookies in your browser.
      • Remember that zoom in your browser must be at 100%.
      • If you are part of a larger network (for instance a school, workplace, institution), you have to contact your internet provider and ask them to make sure that the ports 80+10.000-10.999 are open in your firewall. Often it is your system administrator that can check this for you and open up for the relevant ports, if necessary.
  • Profile

    • Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your username once it has been created. This requires that you delete your profile and create a new one.
    • If you wish to delete your profile, you can do it here. On the bottom of that page, you will be able to click on "Delete user". Please bear in mind that a profile cannot be recreated once it has been deleted. If you are a VIP member, remaining VIP days will be lost as well.
    • We recommend you to use a password that is not easy to guess for others. It is a good idea to use both numbers and letters. Your password must be at least 4 characters and 12 at the most.
    • If you wish to change your password, you must click here and then click on "Click here to change password". Here you must enter your current password and your new password. Then, you need to fill in all other fields in case you haven't already done so. Finally, please click on "Save changes".
    • You can change your e-mail address and other personal information here. Remember that it is only possible to have one username per e-mail address. Therefore, it is not possible to register an e-mail address that is already registered in our database.
    • Pictures, which may be offensive to some users, are put in a filter. As a user, you decide whether or not you want to see those pictures. You can activate or deactivate the filter here.
    • All gallery pictures are placed in the filter, until Playandwin.co.uk has reviewed them. If your gallery picture is not visible, it may be because it has not been reviewed by Playandwin.co.uk yet.
    • Your picture may have been deleted because it did not comply with Playandwin's rules. You can read our picture rules here.
    • You can read our rules for uploading pictures here.
    • An user is first added to your friends list when he/she has approved your request. You can have max. 2000 friends on your friends list.
    • If you block a user, then he/she will not be able to view your profile and send you any messages. To add a user to your block list, please go to your "Profile" and click on "Edite profile", then on "Blocked users". You will then be able to type the username of the person you wish to block. To remove a user from the list, click on the CROSS to the right of the user name.
    • You can ignore an user if you don't wish to see what he/she is typing in a chat room. In order to do that, just click on the username in the chat and select "Ignore". As soon as you close the game, the funtion "Ignore" will no longer be active.
    • You can report an user if you think that he/she does not comply with Playandwin's rules. Remember to include screenshots of the full scree and not only of a part of the chat. You can find the rules here.
    • To get all the data we have about you, please contact customer service
  • Chat

    • If you are unsure about what is allowed in the chat, please have a look at the rules here or ask an admin.
  • Admins

    • An admin can help you with general questions and problems on the site. In addition, the admins are there to help if there are conflicts between users, and they monitor generally all chat rooms. You can contact an admin here. Admins can not help you with VIP problems.
    • You can apply to become an admin here. To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old. You only receive an answer to your application, if you are chosen as admin.
  • Medals, Badges, Game stats, Rank

      • Statistics are only updated after the game has been closed correctly. This is done by clicking the "Quit Game".
      • In some cases it may take some time before your stats are recorded on your profile.
      • If your stats haven't been registered please contact us at the contact form below.
      Access to the form
      • The medal will only be registered after the game has been completed correctly. This is done by clicking the "Quit Game".
      • In some cases it may take some time before your medal is added to your profile. Please go into the game you played, and see if your medal has been registered.
      • If your medal hasn't been registered please contact us at the contact form below.
      Access to the form
      • The badge will only be registered after the game has been completed correctly. This is done by clicking the "Quit Game".
      • In some cases it may take some time before your badge is added to your profile. Please go into the game you played, and see if your badge has been registered.
      • If your badge hasn't been registered please contact us at the contact form below.
      Access to the form
    • Playandwin.co.uk offers different challenges when playing our games. In the games you are able to obtain medals and badges. Under "Medals" and "Badges" above, you can read more about how this works, and see a list of all the medals and badges.
    • If you are not a VIP member, you can not achieve a higher rank than 5 and your XP points will not increase further.
  • Rating and tokens

    • By playing our games on Playandwin.co.uk, you earn tokens. The tokens can be used to win prizes in the prize shop.
    • If your tokens have disappeared, it's a good idea to check if you have bought some tickets in the prize shop. If you have, and the prize has not been drawn yet, you still have time to cancel the purchase of tickets by clicking on the little minus sign at the prize. Is this is not the case, please contact us using the form below.

      Access to the form
    • Normally, all tokens are registered right away, but occasionally, there are delays. If the tokens are not registered in your profile after two hours, you are welcome to write to us via the contact form below.

      Access to the form
    • The amount of rating that you win or lose in a game depends on how much rating your adversary has in that game. For instance, if you play against a user, whose rating is significantly higher than your own, you will win many rating points in case you win the game. Accordingly, you only lose few rating points in case you lose the game. However, if you are the one with high rating, you may lose a lot of points when losing to a user with much less rating than yourself. We have created this system to keep multiplayer games interesting for everybody, no matter how much or how little rating they have.
  • Tournaments

      • If the signup button is gray, it may be that the previous tournament has failed. In this case unfortunately there can be some delays in the system, so that you are not able to sign up for new tournaments for a while.
      • If you leave an ongoing tournament, you can not participate in a new tournament before the current one has ended.
      • If you do not get into a tournament, this may be caused by your antivirus program. Some antivirus programs block all communication with our servers, and therefore the server does not know that you have signed up for a tournament. Other times this type of error is caused by an unstable Internet connection.

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and we will get back with an answer as soon as possible.

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