Help Tower Empire

The game

Tower Empire is our continuation to the popular Farm Empire. This time, the farm has been replaced with a tower filled with shops. You need to make sure that all shops make money as efficiently as possible by continually upgrading both them and the delivery of goods. There are also milestones to be reached, managers to be hired and honors to be won.

Floors, Elevator and Delivery

You receive goods in the delivery, transport them to the floors with the elevator and sell them in the shops. That's the flow you need to make sure it works optimally. At the top you can see how much money you have, and not least how much money you make per second. If you compare how much money you make per second with how much respectively the delivery and elevator can deliver, the three numbers should be about the same for your tower to function optimally.

Managers and Boosts

Managers do the trivial work for you, so you just have to concentrate on upgrading the right floors. In addition, managers allow you to activate a boost that will improve a floor for a limited time.

For the floors there are four different types of boosts. One makes customers go faster, one makes them pay faster, one makes it cheaper to upgrade the floor and one makes more room for goods on the floor.

For the elevator there are three types of boosts. One gets the elevator to run faster, one gets it to load goods on and off faster and one makes it cheaper to upgrade the elevator.

Three types of boosts are also available for delivery. One makes your worker go faster, one lets him carry more goods and one makes him load on and off faster.

Restart and Honor

When the earnings of your tower start to slow down, it is a good idea to sell the tower. By doing so, you get honors that will make your next tower make more money. If you have played Farm Empire, honors are similar to those in Farm Empire.

Honors can also be used for upgrades, but be careful - if you spend all your honors on upgrades, you no longer have it to increase your earnings.

Milestones and Floor file

In Tower Empire, there are two things you should try to get at 100%. The first is milestones. Every time a floor reaches a milestone (most often when level is a hundred), it gets a slight improvement. You cannot reach all the milestones without restarting your tower many times.

The floor file is a list of the shops you have found through all the restarts. On each floor there are at least three different shops to find, and each shop also has two rare managers that you also need to find to get a complete floor file.

Shop and Diamonds

In the game shop you have the opportunity to buy diamonds (for real money), as well as various aids paid for with diamonds. Time travel fastens the time forward, so you can, e.g. get a week's earnings in an instant. Stock replenishment can help you if you have been away from the game and money can help you get started quickly after a reboot.

Diamonds can also be used elsewhere in the game, e.g. to change the type of floor you just unlocked or to skip waiting.

In addition to diamonds that you buy, you can also find free diamonds on the floors where a manager is employed. It is random how often a manager has a diamond for you. If you are a VIP member, the manager always has two diamonds for you.