Players' rating: 3.9 / 5

Time Machine

Time travel is finally possible! Time Machine is an exciting slot machine, that takes place in three different eras. Each era has its own rules and a fun minigame.

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Point overview

  • Spins 1 XP
  • Bulb 2 XP
  • Radio 3 XP
  • Telephone 4 XP
  • Watch 5 XP
  • Pistol 6 XP
  • Money 7 XP
  • Game Flash 50 XP
  • Mini Game 100 XP
  • Jackpot Flash 500 XP

User reviews


by Nhungvu
Ok game very good, i very very love play. It help me make token. We stars play game and win. Let's go and win

Great Game A Must Try

by huggy5763
Great Game A Must Try Entertaining And Interesting At Least Have A Look If Nothing Else It Is Worth A Try I enjoyed It

Great slots game

by ExSniper
Great game once you get into it, and once the mini games, Power, Robot, DNA come on they make it more interesting.

Very nice!

by Avion1929
Very fun, an easy way to make tokens while you're multi-tasking and the mini games are entertaining.

Just put 50 tokens in, put it on auto spin and check in from time to time for minigames.

Very Addictive!

by imicorp62
I love this game! Very easy to play. And I'm just getting started. Reminds me of the video slots I love to play in the casinos :)

Original Idea

by Tibodhsara
I like the game. It has a very unique perspective, that i haven't encountered at this types of games before.
It's also easy to play, the graphics are also nice.
A good game to have fun with :)


by agus

Time Machine

by Lady100
This game is veri nice to play, you have all the time to get from this game everiting.
If more peaple play this game then is nicer also fot to chat and make friends.


by Snowie
Good fun, easy to play, mini games, and with the different eras MrFishingmad gets confused :D Well recommended

Nice Graphics

by Meryl
Different for a slot game, the mini games are great fun. Would like to see more interactivity within the game.