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Pow! is a game with heroes, villains, gadgets and plenty of cards to collect and upgrade. With your own deck of cards you battle other players to win reputation and new cards.

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User reviews

POW is WOW !

by Meryl
Great interactive game where you can decide which cards you will upgrade and use. The daily tasks are fun to try to complete to earn rewards. A well thought out game that will run and run.

Love it

by cfcgirl
Great game with so many angles that just keeps growing and makes you come back for more. Only downside is the spymaster card, can totally ruin an otherwise excellent game which is a shame

very nice

by carrom
Passes the time while Nelly does cleans the kitchen,tidies the garden,cooks dinner and does the laundry :-)

Very entertaining

by Natalie71
Its a fun game which has to be played strategically, Very enjoyable to play and the fact you can play against someone and/or the CPU means that if no one is online you can still play !!

Nice game!

by Mady75
I really love this game! Come and play with others... You can win and lose, but you gone with the fun.

Nice little game.

by stevenjames
Great game and you can upgrade your cards to battle the other player and this game is so different to the others and just what this site needs

Pow Paw Pow

by Shirley1967
Love it love it. Very entertaining. Love upgrading cards to try and get level up higher. Fantasticly well thought out game.